Easy Beef Brisket

CIMG3834I may have gotten an uncommon Irish last name when I married my husband. But, I don’t have one drop of Irish in my family tree. I know St. Patrick’s Day is gone an over. But the super markets seem to always have them year round. We bought the brisket a few weeks before the big day at $7.00. We went back food shopping the week of the big day and the price shot up to $17.00 and up! So why not share this!

This was my first time ever cooking this!  Cause this has always been my husband’s baby for that day! My husband talked me through it and I was surprised how easy it was!

Here’s the steps.

Defrost over night in frig is best. But we forgot and started it frozen.

Add water to a big cooking pot, cut bag, remove brisket and spice packet.

If working with defrosted brisket rub dry spices all over. If frozen just add spice mix to water.

Boil in water for 3 hours and add an extra hour if frozen. It works out either way so no problems!

After the brisket is boiled. Remove it from water bath. It should be nice and tender!

Take a roasting pan and line with tin foil for easy clean up later. Use cooking spray or oil for the bottom of pan so no sticking or burning.

Set oven at 350F for 45 minutes and the last 15 minutes crumble a light layer of brown sugar just on top. When brown sugar has crisped and has a nice crunchy top it’s done! Remove and carve it into nice portions.

Add with sides of the classic cabbage and baked potatoes.

Easy and I did!

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