Easy Home Made Apple Sauce


I use to buy apple sauce all the time but over the years; companies have been switching ingredients to cheaper unhealthy options.

I could taste it too.

Read the label on your favorite apple sauce brand right now.

Why buy it when you can made it and tailor it to your family’s liking!

So easy to do too!

Plus, the steps I take are the basic fundamentals of making your own baby food!

Here’s my one method cooking and five different apple sauce recipes!

Home made has no artificial preservatives or man-made anything. So make just enough for the meal or week. Freeze any left overs.

I made for the week, using two apples. Here’s my recipe.

2 apples washed, peeled and cored. Cut into small dice sizes so the apple pieces cook evenly and quickly.

Fill a pan with a little bath of water and  put apple in. Cover and bring up to a nice gentle bubbly boil.

Watch the pan and check so no over flowing out the pan or mess.

Check with fork for tenderness of apple. Cook until super soft and stewed.

Now if you love chunky apple sauce. Spoon apples into bowl and use potato masher.

If you prefer smooth apple sauce, spoon fruit into food processor. Add a little bit of the fruit broth to processor.

Blend until smooth. Pour into serving dish or storage container. Serve warm or chill in frig until ready.

For making baby food

Process super-duper smooth. Taste test for texture. Pour into small clean glass jars with lids. You can buy jars for the grocery store in the canning aisle. Label and store in the freezer. Take out a jar or two and let defrost over night. Serve healthy fresh home-made baby food to your little one! Feel good knowing everything that is in that jar! No mystery ingredients, just pure plain apples and love!

Recipe Options!

1) Plain apples.

2) Apples and a dash of cinnamon or two!

3) Apples and splash of orange juice.

4) Apples, strawberries and splash of orange juice.

5) Holiday Apple Sauce! Apples, Orange Juice, Cranberries ( fresh or frozen just a few), Cinnamon and Walnuts!

****I do not add sugar to any recipes here. I love to use the natural fruit’s sugars! So with orange juice and the cranberries use a little at a time.


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