Flower Craft for Young Child

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I think it’s time for some arts & crafts for the kiddie’s ! Raining outside and the little one needs something to stop them from climbing the walls! Spring fever is in the air so let’s make some thing! This can be tailored for a boy or girl. You can make a clover or flower if you want too! Here’s what you need to get crafting together. Projects are for children 2 & up. You can make it more involved depending on the age of your child.

List of materials needed:



school grade crafting glue

school grade glue stick

construction paper

safety scissors

paper cupcake liner

assorted colored puff balls

(I did not use these but you can add them to the list: stickers, glitter, buttons, dried pasta or beans, washable paints, and brushes. Or whatever your heart desires!)

Have your child pick out two colors of construction paper. One for the background and one for the flower or clover.

Have them draw and color  grass, sky, clouds, birds, airplanes, rainbows, monkeys?!?!?!?

While they are coloring you the “artist’s assistant” will fold and cut the flower/clover paper.

Fold in half, than fold again.

“Artist’s assistant” will cut out the heart shape with safety scissors if artist is too young.

Glue together if too young. Glue down petals and press on background paper.

Flatten out paper cup cake liner and color both sides with markers.

Glue center only with school grade craft glue and press center down in the middle of the petals.

Squeeze school grade glue in the middle of the paper cup cake liner and place colored puff balls in glue.

Draw a stem for the flower or clover with marker/crayons.

Artist can color petals, add stickers, or better yet glitter!

Hang the priceless piece on the frig when done or give as a gift to the grandparents!

Having fun together!


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