A child’s heart & mind

A child’s life without a tablet or app?! Oh, yes you can!!!!!

I am the parent.

I am the adult.

I am the keeper of the my tablet.

I did not grow up with one so why does a child need it.

I am a child I play in the sun.

My skin smells of sunscreen.

My cheeks are pink and rosy from running around. My hair blows in the wind.

My new shoes are wet, muddy, and dirty. I play my afternoons in the back yard or playground. My hands and fingers are covered in dirt but it can all be washed away.

I run, giggle, laugh, play and tag your “it”!

I use my imagination when I play. Can you see my friend Dragon playing tag with me and mommy?

I love book printed on paper. Passed down books from my mommy’s childhood days.

I love to listen to my storyteller mommy. I hear and sing songs. Finger plays from my mommy’s childhood.

I paint with brushes, fingers and hands! I love the feel of paint and paper! I love making messy art and mommy loves to hear me giggle.

I take rides in the car with my baby doll and board books. We sing songs and talk. We play I Spy!

My rewards are beautiful glitter stickers, hugs and kisses.

I do watch TV but we do it together. I learn by watching, being read to, and “someone” taking their time. I learned the old fashion way but I don’t even know it. I know my please, thank you, I am sorry and excuse me.

I love walks around the block at sunset. I love to look at the moon. I love to build forts with my mommy and daddy. I build towers with colorful blocks. But love to knock them all down (my daddy taught me that!) I am not bored but loved.

When I go out to eat, I color at the table or look at a picture book.

I do not need a tablet my friend. I will just push the buttons to turn it off.

I need my family and enjoy being a child. Please do not rush it. You will regret it.

Turn off your smart phones at the park or where ever you take me. I want all of you. You can not take back these special moments together.

Run and play we me. Tag your “IT”!

Enjoy life unplugged for a little while or even longer.

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