Nature Craft for Girls


Take a nice little walk outside or at your local park. We picked up some pine cones for some crafting! It’s best to use the White Pine Tree Cones. The white pine does not have sharp prickles so it can be handled for crafts. Age for project is 3 years and up. This is how to make a Glam Cone!

The list of materials that you will need:

School grade crafting glue


bag of crafting gems

felt dots

don’t forget the pine cone

thread or string to hang it up in your room

news papers or junk mail flyers( to cover table working surface for mess)

safety scissors

you can add more to the list if you wish!

You will need to work together with your child depending on their age. The younger they are it can help them with listening, following directions, fine motor skills and colors. The older the child they can be as creative as they want!

Line table with news papers or junk mail flyers.

Place and hold pine cone over papers.

Squeeze glue all over pine cone.

Sprinkle glitter on the pine cone and funnel unused glitter back into container.

Glue and have child place gems on glue and press.

Glue and add felt cut dots to cone.

Add until it’s all sparkly and pretty!

Let dry and tie thread or string to stem and hang up.

Gorgeous and Glam!



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