Bird Feeder Craft for Young Child


Let’s feed the birdies or squirrels. This was my “wildflower” favorite to do. We again used another White Pine Tree Cone because of no prickles on this breed of pine. Pick a nice big one for a bird feeder cone. This can be for ages 2 and up. Remember all projects are meant to be done together. Here is the list of martials that you need.

The pine cone

two dinner plates

metal or plastic butter knife

bird seed, sunflower seeds, cracked corn or nuts

peanut butter or almond spread

plastic wrap



Tire string to stem of cone several times ( the birds or squirrels will go nuts when they find it)

Place and lay out your choice of sticky spread ( no double dipping)

Spread sticky spread all over the cone with knife ( work together with your little one)

  • Remember to remind your little one we are not eating this treat, it’s for the birds!!!

Dump out your choice of seed, corn or nuts. Roll the cone around and sprinkle more if needed.

  • Remember to remind your little one not to eat the food, again!!!!

Wrap up in plastic wrap and store in frig until ready to hang up on a safe tree limb for the birds.

( My “wildflower” kept eating the peanut butter and sunflower seeds. My child said I am a bird!)

Our bird feeder cone ended up being carried away by a squirrel but we still had fun making it!

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