How To Bake Shape Cookies

I have been trying to make it a tradition for “wildflower” to make shape cookies for holiday time or fun! We used my mother’s recipe but I am going to give you several flavor options for this cookie recipe.

I have taken photos from start to finish to help you along the way. So you can not go wrong!  Easy and fun!

Decorating with your little bakery assistant is building memories to last a life time. Plus when I bake I don’t use any fancy kitchen appliances just elbow grease. The way my mother and grandmother taught me. I can always tell the different if an appliance was used or mixed by hand. The secret is the tenderness of  the cookie. Over mixing is the killer of the making a tough cookie and no second helpings!

Sad but true.

Here’s the recipe to get you going!

Shape Cookies

3/4 cup of butter (best to leave the butter out until soft =1  1/2 sticks of butter)

1 cup white sugar

Mix these together until creamy in a bowl.

Add two eggs


Cream all together.

Add 2 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp. baking power

1 tsp. salt

Here are the different flavor options you can add at this step=

grated lemon rind

grated orange rind

almond extract

vanilla extract

In a food processor to make it into smaller pieces=

shredded coconut



Next mix up until all ingredients are incorporated and form a soft cookie dough.

Knead it into a nice smooth ball of dough.

Wrap it up good and tight in plastic wrap.

Chill in frig for 1 hour or longer until your ready to create cookies together.

Clean the kitchen table or use a pastry mat. Lightly flour the working surface and rolling-pin.

Roll the chilled dough out to 1/4 of an inch.

Chose your desired cookie cutters and get cracking them out onto the cookie sheet.

It’s best to work fast and during cooler weather. If the dough becomes to soft it’s harder to work with.

*** Tip is to throw the dough in the freezer while waiting in-between decorating and baking.

*** If you don’t have cookie cutters be creative! Make butterflies, flowers or any cookie idea you want. But remember not too thick or thin with the design for baking. It could need more time to bake or if too thin it can break.

Once your cookies are cut and on the ungreased cookie sheet. It’s time for the fun with your little bakery assistant! Your showing your child a little magic show too!

To make cookie paint

1 tsp. milk and 1 or 2 drops of food coloring. All depends on the colors your making. Pink would be 2-3 tsp. milk and 1 drop of red. Mix and ready to paint. Be creative! I buy an extra set of kids watercolor paint brushes only used for baking.

To make cookie sugars

1 tsp. sugar and 1 drop food coloring. Mix and squash with a spoon until you get your color. Make a rainbow if you want! Store sugars in a reseal able bag if you are going to do more cookies in the next few days. (Yes, you can buy it in the store but what’s the fun in that! It takes seconds and pennies to make.)

Just click on the thumb nail photo and you see the full size photo shoot from start to finish. All at your own pace!

Paint and sprinkle your cookie!

Place the decorated cookies into a preheated oven at 400 F.  Bake 6 to 8 minutes. Until edges are golden brown. Watch and you will not need the timer after a while. You will get a 6th sense when it comes to baking cookies!

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