Apple Sauce Pancake Recipe

If you made my recipe for apple sauce 1 cooking method 5 recipes you are going to love this! Now that you got tons of home made apple sauce stored up in your frig and freezer, let do something with that sauce! It was a beautiful Saturday morning and PANCAKE DAY! I started to mix up the batter and thought let me try using my sauce! My family loved it and they were so good! Here’s my recipe.

2 cups of  Heart Healthy Bisquick

1 cup milk

2 eggs

3/4 cups of my home made Strawberry Apple Sauce Splash

1 banana mashed

2 spoonful’s of strawberry jam

Mix all ingredients until wet. Do not over mix cause it will cause the batter to be flat and in will not rise. Let it rest to the side for a few minutes until it rises before pouring into a hot pan. Batter maybe a little bit thinner cause of all the fruit and jam.

You can top your pancakes with:

the home made apple sauce

jam & butter

yogurt & home made apple sauce

slices of banana & strawberries

maple syrup

Serve and enjoy the pancakes!


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