Shape Cookies Without Cookie Cutters

So, you want to make the Shape Cookie Recipe; from my last blog but have no cookie cutters!

We made a whole batch without cookie cutters! So, you don’t have to search and find them in your kitchen. Or drag yourself and kids to the store! Or order them online and wait!

I made a step by step photo shoot for you. Easy creation starter. Hopeful you and your family can come up with your own too!

Even Dad will enjoy it!

Also, a few baking tips so you learn what to look for, to get that perfect golden brown! So, no more burnt cookies for you. Watch and learn with me.

If you know a budding baker or someone who would love some help. Share my link with them and I will guide them along.

Here is the main thing I used. A butter knife, drinking glass and my most expensive kitchen tool; my hands! Just think of what you want to make and try to turn it into a cookie.

Treat the dough the same as rolling it out. Cutting the shapes. Not to thick or thin in design. I have failed and had some cookies crumble when trying to take them off the baker’s sheet. So, keep trying. Or free form the dough like play clay but you can eat it after it’s cooled off. Free form is the main way we made most the cookies in the photos. Enjoy and always have fun!

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