Super Hero Craft


This is the final project for the pine cone craft series! I was trying to appeal to both girls and boys on this unusual super hero creation!

THE AMAZING SUPER PINE CONE MAN hangs out in my “wildflower’s” room and protects my child day and night!

Nothing can stop this SUPER HERO! You can make your super hero any color or way you want! This project is for ages 2 and up!

Turn on your super hero creative minds! This is what you will need!

Your White Pine Tree Cone with no prickles

construction paper

safety scissors

school grade crafting glue


washable paints


news papers or junk mail flyers

smock for your little one to protect their clothes

a dish for paints and water


puff ball for nose

You can use goofy silly crafting eyes but I just drew ours on the construction paper.

Set up everything for your child to paint the pine cone. Let them paint!

While they are painting you the “artist’s assistant” is drawing/cutting out the cape, eyes, and mouth! Your both busy!

After your child is done painting clean up the painting materials, hands and everything else! 🙂

Let the painted pine cone dry. After dried.

Slip the cape into the pine cone no glue needed if you look at my photo pattern. It doesn’t need to be perfect it’s all in good fun!

Place a glue dot where your child wants the eyes, noes and mouth. Let your child place and press each piece on the cone.

Tie string to the cone stem and hang THE AMAZING SUPER PINE CONE MAN!!!!! in your child’s room!



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