A Toddler’s Discovery Of The Day


Wildflower’s Water Color Painting

A Little Big Adventure That Was All Covered In Blue Nail Polish!

Being an artist all these years I have really enjoyed teaching my wildflower the love of painting! We have done crayons, markers, finger paints, glue & glitter, poster paints and the list could go on. Wildflower gets so excited with art time!

But, as wildflower has been growing bigger I was taught a lesson by my own child. I learned that there comes to a point that the little ones learn how to unscrew lids!

Of course, it was a time when I was on the phone with a medical office taking care of business. So be it.

Now, was it washable paints that would have been no problem?! No, that would have been too easy right!?

Let’s make it more complex for good old mom here.

Wildflower learned to unscrew the lid on my nail polish, mind you she picked her favorite color in all the world.

Yes, it was BLUE!

Why, did I pick blue a few years ago, it was that pretty kind of blue; you see only on the gorgeous male peacock when the sun light is glistening on his feathers. Love that blue. So, does my little wildflower. So blame me, I got it way before, I was ever thinking of having a child.


I get off the phone and my nose leads me to the beautiful blue mess.

It was in her hair, fingers, hands, pants, shirt, my cardboard box that had my few nail polishes, and this was all taking place on my once made up bed!

So what don’t I have in my dwelling at this time!

I only ever buy nail polish remover in the summer time so, why would I have it now! So, I end up trying everything under the sun for removing spots on everything but nails.

Wrong, yes.

But that’s what happenings when your mind sees this! I, some how ended up doing a web search to how to remove nail polish out of bed sheets and clothes. I tried all the blogs and anything.

Bottom line is.

First, I learned to always and forever have natural nail polish remover in our dwelling any all times.

Second, the brighter the color the longer, it takes to rub and scrub the color out with remover. I don’t have that kind of time with a little wildflower.

Third, it wipes off in seconds with the proper remover from hair, skin and nails.

Fourth, kids clothes are easier to be replaced than trying to save them.

Fifth, it’s OK to have a stain in the bed sheets cause no one will see it but you.

Sixth, is thank God it was not on who knows what!

Seventh, laugh about it cause you will be a little bit light-headed from all the fumes and cold air flowing from all the open windows.

Eighth, and final thing hide all your pretty stuff up high out of little hands reach.

In the end I was told ” I love blue paint!” ” Yes, I know you love blue paint.” All said with  smiles. (hours later I treated somebody to a gift of a beautiful blue beta fish)

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom

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