Easy Summer Dressing Recipe


I wanted to make a nice refreshing light dressing. So, I took out my home made, making dressing glass bottle. I thought of what would go together nicely and light. I used the line markers on the bottle for measuring the parts for vinegar and water. But after that I just ended up dumping in the ingredients and flavors. Here’s what I did to make the dressing.

For the vinegar I used orange juice. You can squeeze a fresh orange or ready made juice.

Added water.

I than added extra virgin olive oil but as much as I wanted. I did not want to use as much as the bottle marker was asking for. It’s up to you.

Than I winged it from here. If you want tons of flavor just dump it in and don’t be afraid. Or add a little at a time and taste as always.

Next sea salt, garlic powder, pepper any type you love, oregano and shake it some parmesan.

Close the lid nice and tight! Shake it all up and taste!  Check if you love it or need to add more! It’s all up to your own preference.


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