Returning From A Blog Break

I was so excited when I launched this whole idea of blogging and came to finding my little home here on the web. I enjoyed writing and sharing my photography. I even launched a blog Facebook page just for fun. I was just starting out. But, life has a way of changing things, right? Only three months in and knew I had to unplug my blog baby. Pack her away and wait.

For six months, I was a nursemaid to my husband after surgery. Plus, taking care of our little wildflower was real life. Important life.

So, during waiting room visits I had brought a journal. The old fashion way, paper and pen. It flowed. I wroteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA/blogged in my journal. Ideas never stopped. But, my return isn’t so easy. I am new and trying all over again. May 2014 was my last blog and October 2014  is “my come back” month. Really a huge gap.

My blog Facebook page went down hill-  lost likes, unfollowed and out of newsfeds. But, I will keep typing and pick up where I left off. I just hope I can reach out again. I am looking to being a little more active on the Facebook page with things I love and interesting finds. But, really it’s all for fun in the end. My little outlet on the web. So in a way it’s like the cycle of a butterfly all over again. I raised a few real butterflies during the break so it just fits here. But, that’s another story.

So, check me out again or take a peek for the first time. You can sign up for emails, like the Facebook page, share, or just read.

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom

2 thoughts on “Returning From A Blog Break

  1. Anyway facebook is evil and if you don’t pay barely any people will see your posts 😉 . I saw the difference on my page…wwnt from 600 to 100 views kind of .. don’t worry too much, but I feel you as you sometimes think is it worth my time? But all that matters is that it makes you happy 🙂

    • Thank you. I mainly have fans on FB as my friends/family maybe just a few liked the page from family shares. But I will not fork out a penny. Ever. But, it’s all exciting and fun for me. Ideas keep coming and I love this new hobby. 🙂

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