How To Inspire Someone

Just Three Words

A very simple question to ask yourself. What ever got you started blogging? Well, mine was just three inspirational words!

I have always loved to write and express myself in words. Being a mother for the last 3 1/2 years almost 4. Makes you tend to put things on hold. But, slowly you crave and start opening old stored dusty boxes labeled “old hobbies” and “old outlets”.

But, that can change too once you look inside.

I loved sharing since a child. (No relation to social media, a time before all that, try to remember it!) What is it you want, to do when you have your own free time?! A rare time.

A very long-lost friend and it took thirteen years to find out she was my best friend. Through good old social media which I wanted nothing to do with for years! I learned to get over that as you can see here!

I private messaged her since she lives across the big pond. I told her about my love for writing. Her reply was.

“Maybe you should.”

These three little words I repeated out loud to myself. Over and over. It sparked into a bonfire!

I searched for my little blog resident and it took some time. A lot of moving in and moving out on different websites. Fourth time is really a charm! Happy here.

It took me awhile but writing a blog just flowed. I than had to take a six month break to attend real life at home.  Coming back, I took a peek in my paper journal  I kept.

I want to dedicate and thank my friend for those three little words!

Thanks for Inspiring,

Wildflower Mom

4 thoughts on “How To Inspire Someone

  1. It’s funny we have friends, then we have best of friends, later we’re left with one or two that we call bestfriends. My best friend lives in Canada,and even if we haven’t talk or chat a lot, we knew that all we need to do is call each other the moment things and situations becomes unbearable. There’s always one who will stay. One who is not jealous and envious. There’s always one willing to support and applaud and praise every achievements. I’m glad that your bestfriend appreciate what you’re doing.

      • hahaha.. I noticed it too, you’ve just read my mind. I was thinking of writing about my best friend also. I believed that there are reasons why people come our way. I don’t know why, but there is this force that’s been telling me to check my post. I haven’t been active lately, as you would have notice that there were only few post and yet it seemed like I’ve known you for a long time.

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