Pumpkin Patch to Pumpkin Puree


Wildflower’s 1st Pre-K Class Trip at Duffield’s Farm.


The Easy Guide To Pumpkin Cleaning, Cutting, Cooking and Never Touching A Can Of Pumpkin, Again!

This guide is written by a newbie who just got over her fear of the “WHOLE” pumpkin.

I have been staring down my two pumpkins on my kitchen table for the pass two months.

It was starting to become a staring contest! The pumpkins kept winning!

The pumpkins!

I decided that the pretty pumpkins that where my current center pieces just had to go.

The stares where getting awkward.

So, I showed them I will win and I did!

I can not believe how easy it was! Unbelievable!

I have never been a fan of canned pumpkin and never touched it myself. So, this is a major break through.

So, read and look at the step by step photos of how super easy it will be for you, too! This all when down yesterday evening.

Click or tap photos for the instructions.

Easy to do and your basic instructions on making baby food too!

Baby Food

Clean glass mason jars and lids. Tighten lid and label.

Freeze. Remove jar over night to defrost and add portion to baby’s bowl.

Warm if desired.

Natural home-made baby food and your baby will eat it!

If your baby won’t eat store-bought, take a taste. I promise you will have a happier and healthy baby if you make it yourself!

I made all my baby food and it was the best decision I made.


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Thanks for reading & overcoming the pumpkin,

Wildflower Mom



4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch to Pumpkin Puree

  1. Very interesting post! I’d like to suggest you post an article about homemade pumpkin soup. It’s so delicious. It’s very popular in Germany, but I don’t remember it being quite so available in the states.

    • Thank you Erwin! Glad you enjoyed the post! I especially love your fedback! I do have plans for each bag of pumpkin. It’s just hard to make a decision! One bag’s destiny is pumpkin soup. I wasn’t sure but I will now definitely blog pumpkin soup as per your request. Thank you! I will be checking to see if there is any difference, between our own made up recipe in the kitchen and Germany’s.

    • Thank you so much Zienna! I thought you might like it. We can only garden in containers, sadly. But, my little wildflower’s first planting project was dwarf sunflowers! They are the main cover photo on my website. This summer’s project was dwarf marigolds. She loves it!

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