An Indoor Ball Game Day!

Today, was a rainy afternoon and my Wildflower wanted to play a game.

“Please, I want to play a game.”

But, what?  Wildflower is a strong-willed child and moves quickly to the next thing!

I quickly went into my husband’s sock drawer and took out several pairs of his white socks. Next, I took them apart and rolled one sock up by its self. I made a few playing balls. You can use anyone’s socks and different colors.

Then I brought out some containers, mixing bowls and big stock pots. I spread them out on the living room carpet.

Quickly, grabbed a wooden ruler or you can use masking tape.

Presto! Instant indoor game!

I named it Sock Bowl!

Easy for younger children to play or older. Just change the distant to make it more challenging or easier, for your child.

A great counting game. Count how many points in the bowls and count how many hit the floor. For each point in the bowl give your child a high-five!

Change the position of the game line to different angles of the room, just to mix it up.


Have fun playing and take turns with your mommy and daddy! Promised to give you tons of giggles!

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Thanks for reading and playing,

Wildflower Mom

4 thoughts on “An Indoor Ball Game Day!

    • I’m so excited that you loved Sock Bowl! My mother was always making up fun stuff for me as a kid. So, just passing on the tradition! Have fun and use some of your little sister’s colorfull socks! No app or tablet required. LOL! 🙂 Enjoy, Neontoes!

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