A Blogger Without A Face.

I just finished an interesting conversation with a follower on Google Plus.

Thanks, +M. Wells for inspiring this blog and question.

Question who are you? I am a blogger without a face. A blogger, writer and yes a woman. Hint my name is Wildflower Mom.

I have made the decision to not share my image with the world or my little “wildflower’s” face.

Protection because I am a secret agent and I have to protect my “Identity”! This blog would self destruct in five seconds if I uploaded my picture.

No, not really. He he he…..

But, my husband for real and not joking now.

Has a background as a private investigator and a badge to prove it.

It’s so pretty and shiny in its black leather case. Love it!

But, he wanted me to be safe in this crazy internet sharing age of social networking.

No, image of my face or our child’s on here or I would have to pull the plug.

No, real names or anything to help track me down.

So, I truly understand why it’s important to protect your self-image from the wrong hands.

I know my followers will understand me more, now.

I really don’t understand people sharing their child’s face as their profile picture. Every single person in the world can see it!

Even people you don’t want to see it.

Trust me.

Change your setting on all your social media accounts.

Be responsible before you hit post.

So, my face is that of a loving mother, wife and friend.

Let me paint my portrait for you.

Most of the time I love to wear sneakers, jeans, paint is on my fingers, glue stick in my hand, flour on my table and floor, thanks to my little baker’s assistant “wildflower”, I was given my grandfather’s lovely eye color, hazel , my dark blonde hair is most of the time up in a ponytail, but done on rare occasions, I love to protect my face from the sun with sunscreen so I have a pale European complexion, but my face shines like the sunflower on my logo I made for this blog.

This is who the I am.

A blogger with a face.

Thanks for reading, asking and painting my picture,

Wildflower Mom

7 thoughts on “A Blogger Without A Face.

  1. What a great post! Nobody has ever really asked me that question…I don’t take very good pictures, but I am a human! Lol! Thanks for the follow, and I am now following you too! Sandy…..

      • Hee,hee….I feel like one! Lol…..That photo is Rose, my rescue kitty! She is a living doll and very spoiled, I love her very much. I also have Romeo a big male kitty also a rescue. They are apart of my life each and every minute of the day. Maybe one day, when I have some privacy space I will set up my tripod and get some instructions for both crochet and knitting up. I care for my elderly mom and it is a bit difficult to do everything you would like to do with that responsibility.

      • Well hopefully I can give you some pointers in the near future! I love your Wildflower blog! It is fun over there!!!

      • Awww. Thank you so much! That truly means the world to me! Thank you! Wait until you see my new Birthday Party Theme chapter I’m adding. I haven’t even finished my 1st blog in it and my mind is racing with ideas! Thank you, again. I will be looking forward to your pointers but love just looking around on your site. It’s so pretty just like candy. But, not.

      • Oh that will be a very popular theme chapter and a big hit with the mommies for sure….and too people wanted to surprise those they love with a fabulous birthday party. Great idea, and I look forward to reading all about it!

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