Attention: Awful Bakers & Cooks, Crafters and Readers Just In Search For A Good Recipe…….

CIMG5490This is for a follower on FaceBook Mrs. L.F.

Question for you? Have you ever clicked on a craft or recipe, and after thought I would love to make it.


But, what?

Are you saying you can’t because you don’t have any of the items or ingredients on hand.

So, most likely you will never bother looking at that blog again.



Here’s the point I am trying to make in this blog.
My blog can be simple and complex.

I want my reader to put their device down and walk into their kitchen or closet. Pulling out each piece they need. I want you to be active and be able to complete the idea.

I really hate complex recipes. If I don’t have it either I stop reading.

My blog maybe be simple at times but I want to be a do-able-blog.

If it’s complex I do it step by step to teach you! I want you to say I can make this, now!

I want to turn an awful baker or awful cook into a shining kitchen star!

Just prop your tablet on your work space and I will teach you till the end. Got a question or stumped? Ask me. I will help you.

So, now that you know that my target audience is for awful bakers & cooks, newbie crafters, kids, and yes, even those of you who know how already!

Now, let’s get going and doing!

Thanks for reading and doing.

Wildflower Mom

3 thoughts on “Attention: Awful Bakers & Cooks, Crafters and Readers Just In Search For A Good Recipe…….

  1. I will keep this in mind! Great post! I feel if I really want to make something, I don’t give up, I write down what I need, go get it and prepare it! If all of the ingredients are to my liking…no reason why not to try any recipe!

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