The Family Art Project Of Pretty Cookies


Do you want your kids to decorate at the kitchen table for a family tradition together?

But, afraid of putting the loaded sugar frosting on the table!

Cause where will the sweet end up!

Not on the cookies!

Sugar crazy kids in the house!

Not here.

My mom never used frosting for decorating and I can understand why “Now”.


My mom’s easy recipe and decoration for cookies.

Take out a few little glass cups and pour a little milk in each one.

Add your favorite brand of food coloring to mix your colors!

Buy a cheap pack of watercolor brushes just for painting cookies and baking only.

Mix and paint your cookies!

You can add sprinkles or colored sugar on top of your finished painted cookie.

Yes, I said add sugar.

But, it’s not as much as the loaded frosting we all love.

Pretty cookies and an art project!

Wildflower loves painting cookies and looks forward to it!

“I love to paint cookies.” she tells me.

Thanks for reading and making traditions in the kitchen,

Wildflower Mom

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