Breathing Life Into Santa Claus

How do you bring Santa Claus to life for your little child’s imagination?

This was Wildflower’s very 1st year of knowing and understanding him.

So, I wanted to bring in the magic of my storytelling to life!

(I even had Daddy pretend to call Santa on his cell phone. I the mom had to put on a very HO HO HO male voice!

Daddy put “Santa” on speaker phone, so Daddy told me I sounded really good!)

We sat down and I was her secretary for the very first time and I treasured that moment.

She asked for a baby doll, a new ring for Mommy and a hat for Daddy.

Very sweet!

I asked everyone what to do with this special letter! The response was wonderful!


The Santa Claus Letter Recipe

Copy the letter and keep the orignal.

Put a pretty sticker on for the postage to The North Pole.

Make a wonderful address for Santa Claus.

Put your child’s name and return address.

We walked over to our small town’s post office. Wildflower handed her very special letter over to her favorite friend, Ms. Debbie.

Ms. Debbie enjoyed this visit!

Some post offices may return a letter from Santa Claus.


Your Santa Claus Answers Your Letter Recipe

I sat down in the middle of the night at the kitchen table. (Due to wanting sleep I made spelling mistakes. Letter is spelled leter. Fixed it while she wasn’t looking the next day.)

I wrote on a nice piece of cotton linen resume paper with a fine tipped Sharpie marker.

All in calligraphy Santa Claus wrote the letter!

I rolled and sealed with tape.

Tied a beautiful red cloth ribbon around the letter!

Slipped the letter in our mailbox before she woke up.


I waited for Daddy to come home and get the mail! Daddy is a hard-working man and I wanted him to be apart of this special memory. Daddy seeing her face and reaction was a gift in its self!

(My dad was also a hard-working man in his own small engine shop. Dad did miss out a lot on my tender years so I think of all these moments my husband can be apart of for his little girl. I think of moments my dad would have loved to see! Dad just started walking over to his local library just to read my blog. So, this is a special note to thank him and for ever thing that he was done for me! Thank you, Dad. Thank you for reading. Now, I can see through my tears of joy. Love you!)

I loved that my husband didn’t know what the red ribbon letter was either! He had no clue until I picked up my camera. The big hint for him!! Daddy hid the letter behind his back and told Wildflower the special news! Daddy read the letter from Santa Claus at the kitchen table. Wildflower listened to every word! I snapped away with my camera.


I asked Wildflower what does she want to do with this letter.

Keep it!


Thank you for reading and sharing a memory,

Wildflower Mom


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9 thoughts on “Breathing Life Into Santa Claus

  1. What a cute idea.

    I can remember, well I do actually….I found out at age 10. I was totally devastated. To this day….anything at all with a Santa Claus on it, I never purchase…ie., wrapping paper, cards, ornaments, etc. My mother also went to great lengths to hide warm eggs just made and delivered by the Easter bunny in the garden, shout that she thought she just saw the bunny’s tail hopping over to the next house behind the bushes…. and they made a big deal of the tooth fairy…we always got a dollar.

    All of this came crashing down on that Christmas morning. I asked my parents, ‘how come Santa’s handwriting looks just like yours’. My parents looked at each other….guilty and sad all at the same time…and it simply took the magic a child has out of things…In my opinion, and I can only speak from my own experience. I guess I was a totally gullible child, as were my sisters.

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