Christmas Vacation Kiddie Crafts

Here are THREE Christmas crafts to keep your little ones busy during the break!


Merry Berry Holly Hand Wreathe

You will need a paper plate, green & red construction paper, craft glue, and red paint.

Trace your child’s hand on the green paper and fold two sheets together.

Cut out the tracing of the hand to make many hands!

Fold and cut the center of the paper plate out for the base of the wreathe.

Glue the hands around the paper plate to fill it in!

Dip a finger or use a cotton Q-Tip in the red paint to make the berries.

Cut a pretty red bow or pop on a gift bow.

A gift for a grandparent or hang on your front door. Or the frig!



Candy Cane Craft


You will need a piece of white craft foam, markers, glue and glitter!

Cut a candy cane shape for your child.

Let them decorate the cane how ever they want with the markers! Any age can do this craft.

For the older children draw the glue on foam and add the glitter over old news papers or junk mail.

Write child’s name and year it was done!

Hang on the Christmas tree once the glue is dried.

Making memories!


Painted Angel Wings


You will need white paper, crayons or markers, tape, finger paints, and gold curling ribbon.

I did this craft with my Wildflower and two of her older friends. Ages 4, 6 and 9. Any age can do this together with an adult.

Cut the white paper angel body and circle for the head.

Have them make a pretty angel face.

Glue the angel’s head down first.

Pick two finger paints one for the body and one for the wings.

Paint the one hand for the child and press down on the paper for the body.

Paint the other hand for the child for the wings and press the paper.

Cut and tape the angel’s golden halo.

Tape it on the back of the head.



Any child can have fun making it.

Happy Crafting with your children this Christmas!


Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas,

Wildflower Mom

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