How To Win the Battle Of Brushing Your Child’s Teeth From A Dental Assistant


I have been in the dental field as a dental assistant for about ten years. A registered and certified dental assistant, oral & periodontal  surgery dental assistant. I have worked here and there with patients of all ages. I have been the calm gentle voice, hand to hold at any age, and teacher of the dentist’s big lofty words. I have been the person to tell your fears from childhood and friend of the moment. That’s the most easiest and most rewarding part of being a dental assistant for me.

I’m now a stay at home mother. I thought I could bring this all so easily to caring for my little wildflower’s teeth.

Boy, was I wrong!

Can I show her each dental licenses, seals of The New Jersey Dental Board, State Board Exam scores, and years of personal experience.

Sure than she will open up her mouth, right?


Ok, it didn’t work.

I have tried my old office tricks but….

“No!” tight-lipped and crying now.

She’s walked away now.

I tried this all at 1 years old.

I now heard these words for the first time today!

“I love to brush my teeth, Mommy!” “I love my pretty toothbrush and I need toothpaste.”

I can hear the angel’s choir singing in my head!

How did I make it from “NO!” to “LOVE!” Here’s my path I took from age 0 to 4 years old.


How To Get Your Child To Open For A Brushing Of Teeth!!!


Babies wipe out the gums and tongue with a warm clean washcloth after eating and drinking.

Toddlers buy books with photography of children learning about brushing their teeth with a parent.

Pick a favorite toy or doll  to have them brush their teeth.

Have your child brush the toy’s teeth while you brush their teeth.

Read the books and talk about each step together.

Ask your child to tell you about the story back to you. Ask questions because you don’t know how to brush your teeth! Wink, wink…

Put toothpaste on your own brush and have your child brush your teeth. Take turns brushing teeth. Have grandmother, daddy, siblings or their aunt brush your child’s teeth. Then let the child brush your teeth too. Bring everybody in because everyone brushes teeth! Make it a party at the bathroom sink and brush your teeth together!

Show and Tell! Look at my dirty teeth and tongue. I need to brush my teeth! Now look at my clean shiny white teeth and clean pink tongue! Wow!

Toddlers, Preschoolers and The Toothbrush Teacher need a timer!

kitchen timer

a watch

sing a song while brushing teeth like Happy Birthday or make a song up!

Tablet Tooth Brushing Apps

Show videos of parents brushing their child’s teeth!

Toothbrush Time

Pick out a soft bristled toothbrush for your child’s age and yourself.

Hard bristles are made for one thing only! Your bathroom tiled floor!

Soft is the only brush you should and will ever buy again!

Once you picked out the perfect soft toothbrush brand, now is the fun part for your child!

Let them pick the character or color! Wildflower picked Cinderella! She loves Cinderella.

Toothpaste Time

I love all toothpaste by   for the whole family with the seal of ADA on the box.

(ADA =American Dental Association)

Training and fluoride toothpaste should not be loaded with dyes and sugars. That’s why I love the natural silly strawberry favor for wildflower.

Have your child watching you brushing, flossing and rinsing out in the sink is the main key. Monkey see, monkey do.

Flossing Time

I just started flossing wildflower’s teeth I had her watch me. Than it was her turn. “No, it will hurt.” Do you want germs stuck between your teeth? She opened pronto! All clean!

The End

The final trick that has been working for endless “I need to brush my teeth they are really dirty. I will go grab the timer.” This is each day and night. Plus, in-between snacks and all on her own!

I would not be able to live without the world of YouTube! They have sooo many videos on tooth brushing songs, songs for tooth brushing for the two recommended minutes and pick any video of your child’s favorite character for around two minutes! It will be your go to timer! But, slowly I am working on not using any tablet or video. Just silent. It has happen a few times. So, we will get there sooner or later.

Which brings us to “I love to brush my teeth.”

It’s been a long exhausting road with crying, fighting, running and screams. But, take a deep breath and try these tips that worked for me!


Good luck to you and please ask me any questions if you need help.

If you want more tips and tricks or more! Follow me on your favorite social media app or sign up for email!


Thank you for reading and show me your biggest brightest shiny smile,

Wildflower Mom



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