About Me Behind The Camera

My husband gave me this camera a few years ago for Christmas. It was the best gift I ever received and used! It’s my brand new toy still! I would be lost without my camera! It re-awoke a childhood dream to be a photographer. I wanted to be the traveling photographer from around the world! Take pictures of wild lion prides and the dawn on top of the world!

But, I never stepped a foot in that direction. Only in my head.

But, when little Wildflower came along I learned to capture the best shots of the day! I learned to play more with my camera as an artist too. I can not sit at a table to draw or paint a beautiful watercolor like I use to. But, the camera opened a new artistic outlet for me!

I have taken tons of these artistic photos but never have them printed to store in any album. So, this I have decided will be my digital “photo album” gallery to share with the world! I hope you enjoy my new love of this art. I may tell a small story of the photo or one word. But, for now let’s see how it goes.

So, welcome to my new an exciting New Years resolution for the year of 2015 and my brand new menu on this blog.

Enjoy My Moments With Me.

Wildflower Mom

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