Single on Valentine’s Day? What I would do if I were still single!

Yes, I am happily married and a mother. But, even when you are married, my husband and I view it the same way as you!

Oh…Valentine’s Day is coming.

Don’t worry about it, we don’t have to do anything. A nice homemade steak dinner and plenty of I love you.

Yes, we both will end up at lest buying a card or write out a handwritten note to store away for years later.

But, we don’t go over board since it’s hard to be all lovey dovey with our lovely Wildflower.

We just make do and are happy like any other day of the week.

So, what would I do if I was single or was a single mother for a few of my friends out there.

Embrace this day!

Watch my favorite chick flicks.

Watch my favorite action movies!


Do my own manicure at home with my daughter.

Treat myself to a nail salon and try a bold color!

Wear red lipstick.

Home facial mask with my daughter.

Spa facial……

Spa massage and facial…..

Rub your daughter’s feet and she rubs yours!

Make a box mix of brownies and dump your favorite candies on top of the batter!


Buy heart-shaped conversation hearts, makes me feel like I’m in grade school again.

Order your favorite cheesy large pizza!

Make your own pizza in the kitchen with your child!

Movie and pizza night!

Buy a huge giant box of heart chocolate candy and dive in!

Make hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream on top!

Chocolate over kill day!

Why, not!

Call your mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin or friends.

Reconnect on the telephone.

Not social media.

Or visit them!

Make a handmade Valentine for your child. They will treasure it years later.

Make paper hearts together at the kitchen table.

Movie night with your single friends at your place!

Make cupcakes topped with sweet pink frosting and conversation hearts.


Wear red!

Be happy you can do whatever you like on this crazy day.

Read a novel and listen to soft background music.

Treat yourself guys, to a shave and cut at the barber shop.

Treat yourself to a long relaxing bubble or salt bath.

Rock out to playing your drums or guitar with your musician friends.

Call some friends over to watch.

Alien movie night!

Sign up for a painting class or have a canvas painting party at your house.

Think outside the heart-shaped box day!

Embrace on what you have in your life and be happy with each thing.

Live your life out loud!

Sing it loud!

The Lord has really changed my whole look on my Christian Life and Living.

Embrace God the true love of your life and heart.

Pray with Him and read His words to fill your heart with love every morning.

Go with God.

So, be ready this Valentine’s Day and the ones to follow each year. You can say now, VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING!

Have a ball and so will my family and I!

So, read this list and plan ahead since it’s just Monday.


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Thanks for reading and Happy Heart’s Day too you all!

Wildflower Mom

4 thoughts on “Single on Valentine’s Day? What I would do if I were still single!

    • Thank you Singlemomtakingovertheworld for reading and following me. Very cool comment too! Yes, I know what you mean and I do these fun things myself too. But, maybe not the Spa, those days are behind me. But, this blog post was actually inspired by a long lost friend I just found on social media. I saw a post or two of friends being depressed that they were going to be alone on Valentine’s Day. I pointed out a few fun things she could do with her daughter that night. She loved the ideas and it made her smile at having fun! So, this blog post was born and the list wouldn’t stop. So, here we are! So, I had to share this idea with anyone else who might be thinking the same thoughts! I live simple and pure. Reviving what makes a person happy in life! You would be surprised at how may people I run into that need to be shone this way of thinking again! 🙂 Will have to come over and visit your page! 🙂

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