Miss or Mr. Happy Heart!

It’s getting so close to Valentine’s Day and here is a cute little kiddie craft for your child to make.

Just tailor it for your girl or boy!

You will need:

Construction papers

craft glue


crayons or markers

crazy craft eyes or make paper ones

foam glitter stickers

pipe cleaners

paper towel

packing material peanuts



anything else you can think of!?!?!!?



Have your child cut out two larger paper hearts and have them unfold the paper. Perfect if they need to practice at home with safety scissor with you!

Draw a face, add crazy eyes, nose and draw a smile!

Wildflower wanted ears so she has two heart ears too! Why, not!

Color, draw and have fun!

Add and tape two pipe cleaners on the back, one for legs and arms.

Pop packing peanuts on the ends and fold pipe cleaner over.

Staple both hearts just on the bottom together.

Rip the paper towel up and stuff your heart.

Add a little heart with a special secret message and stuff inside.

Staple the heart closed.

Add a hat, design and decorate. Glue on the hat.

Now, design a two heart dress, bow tie, tie or keep it plain!

Let it dry and give Mr. or Miss Happy Heart to your Big Valentine!

Simple and easy for any age to enjoy!


CIMG6434 CIMG6437

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Heart’s Day!

Wildflower wanted a dress but I thought it looked great without it. But, she’s the artist!


Thanks for reading and stuff your heart full of love,

Wildflower Mom


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