Antique Papers, Cards & Someone’s Else’s Memories

My mother showed me these beautiful Valentines on one of my visits. A collection of cards her father saved from his childhood and beyond.

I immediately had to grab my camera, my parent’s home is full of interesting treasures and finds.

So, I make sure I travel with my camera where ever I go.

It was thrilling to read the pen or pencil handwriting of Aunts or Uncles dating back to 1800’s , 1900’s, 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s!

I love holding history or personal history in my hands.

Special moments that my grandfather saved away in the box.

Here are the photos I took that day, makes me wish cards still had this must craft put into them now days.

But, they would be expensive now!

Click on each photo to see the true detailing.

Hope you enjoyed  all the detailing as much as I do. My grandfather passed this love and passion of history down to me.

I always have my nose stuck only in historical subjects and he was honored that I loved it too!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Heart’s Day to you all!


Thanks for reading and enjoying a piece of my family’s history,

Wildflower Mom


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