Dreaming In Color

If you noticed there’s a ton of snow outside today in my town! So, I know my Wildflower and your children want to play all day in the snow!

So, if you are working on dinner or a project of adult importance, give your child a fun-keep-them-busy-project!

Grab your big cooking stock pot and a cooking spoon.

Go outside real quick and load the pot up with fresh snow, your nosy neighbor will be entertained too!

Put the pot in your kitchen sink and slide a chair up for your child to stand on.

Give them, plastic measuring cups, spoons, a small bowl, beach toys or any interesting!

After a while your child will be quiet……

Work on that important adult project in the kitchen while your child has fun work!

After you are done, let’s step your child’s project up a notch!

Ask your child what color would they wish snow was!


Add a few drops of food coloring on the snow and have them mix with a big plastic spoon.

My problem in the end was Wildflower kept wanting to turn the water on and ended up making blue snow soup.

Please do not worry about staining or anything. If you read the box directions it wipes up immediately and just wash hands.

Please don’t let staining of your little one’s hands stop you from letting them have fun!

Be open-minded and remember yourself as a kid wanting fun!


Wildflower really wanted purple but my red didn’t have another drop to add. 😦

But, she was still happy in the end.

But, I made sure to buy a new box when I went food shopping.


Thanks for reading and making color wishes come true,

Wildflower Mom


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