The Training Toothpaste Toddler Tips From A Dental Assistant



Here’s my prequel from my last blog How To Win The Battle Of Brushing Your Child’s Teeth From A Dental Assistant. This is geared more for children that just broke fresh new teeth and beyond!

Since I had a few mommy friends ask here is the blog for you all. Hope this helps!

Exciting times!


Parents thinking what do I do now!

Here’s your next pathway for great oral care of your little ones. I will guide you and you can even hold my hand.

Baby Steps

First and foremost you need to keep these first teeth clean. You can still use the warm clean washcloth to clean tongue and gums.

But, I will repeat this one important tip! Water down that sippy cup juice immediately! Fill it with clean healthy water and a dash of natural juice for favor. This is every single time. Have your child fall in love with water. I have seen to many children with decay just by looking at them play, at the playground or parent’s sharing beloved pictures with me. I can’t help it, my eyes are stuck in this mood.  It’s my dental assistant nature. They are grateful for my advice. Since, so many parents don’t know what to do.


The best product I loved was AquaFresh Training Toothpaste it comes with the perfect sized toothbrush too. It’s clear with no sugar, no dyes, or chemical anything! I even tested it on myself to know what the product was like for my child. It was pretty good and my teeth and breath were fruity fresh! Not bad at all! My stomach didn’t bother me from swallowing the training toothpaste either. That’s what it’s designed for!

Now, your thinking I will just put a small tiny pea size on the brush and wet it under the faucet. Then, just have my child open and I can brush away!



Your child is so used to you spoon-feeding them, they will close their little mouth down and slurp the toothpaste and are waiting for more!

Yummy, toothpaste.

More, please!

Also, being a dental assistant I am use to going in a patient’s mouth and gently prying the mouth and lips back, with my fingers.

Try showing your child how to open and stay open so you can see all their pretty teeth! Be careful, since there is a danger zone in the little chompers coming down of your fingers! Careful placement just inside the cheek area. Put your fingers in a peace sign to pry open and hold. Brush in the opposite hand, common sense.

Explain what toothpaste is! We don’t eat it. It’s like soap for your teeth and we do not eat it. It will make your tummy hurt! So, open super-duper big like a lion or dinosaur, to show me all those teeth! You do it too, parent! Make it fun and add sound effects!


Now, have the teeth ready and tell your child this is going to scrub all the dirty food, juice, and sugar bugs away!

Wait! Sugar Bugs!?!?!?

Yes, we can’t see them but they love to eat the left over sweets, snacks and yummy food stuck on and in-between your little teeth. If you don’t let me clean them away, they will start to eat slowly away at your little teeth! It’s like a party in your mouth for the “Sugar Bugs”!

“We brush, brush and brush to clean, them, Sugar Bugs away! Rinse my mouth with water and down the drain they go away. No, more Sugar Bugs in my mouth today!” Repeat and repeat.

Wildflower loves that the germs go down the drain into their dirty home. The dirty germy yucky family is together down the drain. Clean my teeth and tongue of all the sugar bugs! I tell her the Sugar Bugs are having a yucky party on her tongue and needs to go away! Clean shining teeth and pink tongue! Yay! No, more Sugar Bugs today or tonight!

At times even now at four years old, I need to remind her of all this, once in a while! At times she cries no toothpaste, I don’t like toothpaste. But, remember toothpaste is what cleans the germs and Sugar Bugs away! Then, no problems and I can brush Wildflower’s teeth.

Win, win for this mommy!

Show your child you cleaning your teeth. Play show and tell with your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Wildflower loves to watch me or her daddy brush our teeth.

So, monkey see, monkey do.

Now, another very important thing we must stop that I forgot!

The toothbrush is not a teething ring, or we do not brush by biting it, little trainer!

Yes, your child will clamp down and go to town ruining the bristles. We, must stop this strange habit. Yes, it feels great on the young gums and teeth for them. But, we must remember to remind them it will hurt their fresh brand new toothbrush! We do not ever bite or we have to throw it away. Not, good or fun, right. That’s why we open wide like a dinosaur and let mommy brush the teeth right. This is a break in period of learning for the little trainer. Repeat and repeat!


Educational Supplies and Tools

Show them YouTube videos of educational children’s dental health and children brushing their teeth with a grown up. This can also be your timer for brushing teeth! At this point, Wildflower can go without watching a tablet video and just have me brush her teeth. This is called graduation day, when that happened! Yah!

If you have not already done so. Go, buy a step stool together and have them pick their favorite color for reaching the sink, to wash hands, faces and brush their teeth! What a big kid you are becoming!

But, if your little trainer is still too short and tiny to reach the sink, even to try the art of spitting or brushing. Get a nice large cup of water from the sink and put it in the tub. The tub will be your training “sink” since your trainer is little. Perfect size until their tall enough and tell them this. You even brush your teeth at the tub to help them, see it’s OK.

Show them books of learning to brush your teeth. Read them together before brushing! Repeat and repeat.

Only you the grown up should brush their teeth and until they are able to brush excellent by themselves! Too many parents just give in and hand this important responsibility over to a young child. You are asking for nothing but tons of cavities and dental work! Why have them be afraid so soon of the dentist. Have your child know you are the one to brush their teeth and that’s it!

Continue to work each day at basic teaching why, opening wide and brushing. It’s not easy but be consistent with your child and yourself.

Deep breath and I know it’s not easy. But, remember your parent went through the same thing trying to teach you this basic habit.

Spitting is an art form in its self.

It is not easy or anything!

Over time of practicing, showing and repeating. Your little trainer will get it!

So, this one is the toughie of the dental habits. But, practice and have fun teaching this swooshing and spitting art form.

Your trainer will get it over  time and soon this all, will be a thing of the pass. So, enjoy this crazy bathroom adventure together.


If you have any questions or problems with teaching your child, please ask questions. Comment or email your questions to me.


Thanks for reading and starting healthy dental habits,

Wildflower Mom


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