Simple Golden Barrel Smoked Ham Dinner



If you want a super easy dinner that takes less than 25 minutes to put on the table? Read on!

Using Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses as the main ingredient since, I still have a box full of products to create recipes!


Golden Smoked Barrel Ham

Take a nice Smoked Bone In Ham Slice at the market.

1 serving spoon size of Blackstrap Molasses

3-4 big squeezes of honey

Mix together in a small bowl.

On a baking sheet spray a little cooking spray.

Spread over with the spoon on both sides of the ham steak.

Sprinkle a little salt on both sides.

Turn on the broiler setting on your oven using the LOW setting.

Broil about 25 minutes flipping the ham in the middle of this time length.

Keep at eye on it while it gets a nice golden brown and flavor!



I am not a big fan of sweet ham. So, this was perfect for me and my family!

My husband was about to freak out when he saw me mixing molasses and honey together. Remember, he was born without a sweet tooth!  Looked like he was about to football tackle me in a second!!!! I told him to trust me and try the glaze! He was shocked and loved the flavor. It wasn’t anything like he thought! He gave me the signal to continue the play in the “ham” game!

The Blackstrap Molasses bought out the slight hint of smokiness of the southern styled home dinner. A perfect combo with ham. It has a slight sweet and savor flavor for this molasses. It made me love ham. Wildflower and my husband loved it too!

You could serve it with a healthy green salad, side of sweet potatoes and green beans. Enjoy!


Log on to and click on molasses on the menu to order!


Thanks for reading and making a quick dinner,

Wildflower Mom


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