Home Is Heart


What is home to me? Home is not a house or a building or apartment or structure made of wood. A home is a foundation of family, memories, heart, emotions, stories, webs we weave together, bonds we make, stories we pass on to the next generation, journals and pages we undercover at a loved ones death. A home is your family and each of you standing together in a group united as one. A group hug is a strong power house of a home.

This red sun struck barn is a picture of all of this in one. My Grandfather storied his treasures from around the world in this two-story barn. It was like a museum over the years, I stepped inside. Every visit it brought out the most amazing stories and time! Adventures! Every visit I discovered something exciting and historical new. Every time!

When it was time to sell this piece of land of my mother’s home, I took my camera for a last photo shoot of memories. She didn’t mind she didn’t bring her own camera at all. “Don’t you want a last picture to last, to keep forever?” “No, yes, this is my last home of growing up and the last moments in time, I will step foot inside and around.” “But, this land, house and barn are not what I will miss or keep.” “Home is my memories and the treasured family times it was filled with.”

That is what home is even to me.


Thanks for reading and taking a view of my “home”,

Wildflower Mom


P.S. This is a homework assignment for a picture of what home is to me?


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