Clementine Full Of Fiber Smoothie



Since I have been under the weather and fighting a fever the other day. Had no clue since, I am a mom and a 101.0 F fever for half the day!

Fever made me clueless!

Before discovering my fever I took out my trusty blender to drink some produce vitamins and fill up my tummy.

Simple recipe with no measuring!

Just wash and prep all the produce, dump, blend and yum!

Just enough for one tall glass.


Clementine Smoothie Recipe

1 clementine peeled and dump theĀ slices in whole

3 big strawberries

1 handful of mini baby carrots

1 small handful of red grapes

1/2 of a banana

1 small container of 4 oz. (113g) yogurt, I used Wildflower’s favorite Stonyfield Organic YoToddler Banana Pumpkin!

Orange juice to blend the fruits and vegetables whole.

Pour in a glass and feel better!


Thanks for reading and filling up with whole vitamins,

Wildflower Mom is the only choice in my refrigerator.

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