Lolly Heart Craft


Here is a simple craft I came up with, on short notice of being asked “Can we make a craft?” from Wildflower’s older friend.

You need:

two sheets of construction paper

crayons or markers

craft glue


curling gift ribbon

a Chinese chopstick

plastic wrap


Cut the paper into two heart shapes, together.

Color and design a pretty icing pattern on you jumbo lolly pop with crayons.

Place a chop stick in the middle and drip glue on paper.

Press the other heart on top and press tight near the chop stick to give the classic lolly pop look.

Add stickers or glitter!

Wrap in plastic wrap to seal your super, sweet and sticky lolly pop!

Tie and curl your ribbon to keep the wrapper on tight!

Give your lolly pop to someone special!


Wildflower’s friend made an extra special one since her little sister wasn’t here on this day! Very sweet of an older sister!

Below is Wildflower’s craft all wrapped up to go.

Have some fun and bring a childhood candy to life!

Thanks for reading and who will you give your lolly too?

Wildflower Mom


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