Roasted Long Hot Peppers

Let me introduce you to my hubby.

He wants to go by the name “Fire It Up Willy”!

Don’t ask.

Here is a recipe that he has done for the past few weeks because a friend planted a garden with tons of pepper plants and  has no clue what to do with them! All “Fire It Up Willy’s” friends at work gave him their bag of peppers cause they had no clue how to roast them! So I thought to share “Fire It Up Willy’s” Recipe.

At 350 F on a greased baking sheet or baking pan place washed whole peppers.

12 1/2 dozen of sweet or hot peppers and drizzle with olive oil.

Season with salt and ground pepper to start.

Throw it in the oven.

Check at around 20 minutes and keep an eye on the peppers, the whole time.

Flip once to roast evenly on both sides.

Around the end of roasting add jarred garlic and use a fork to apply. Here and there.

Get your peppers to desired texture or roast.

At 50 minutes pop the peppers out of the oven.

Have the peppers cool down and store in container.

“Fire It Up Willy” suggests using the Roasted Peppers in pasta sauce, sausage sandwiches or add it to fire up your dips for Football Game Day!

His favorite way is the way his Italian Grandfather, would enjoy it on a soft Italian roll buttered and top with the Roasted Peppers.

“I’m on the blog!” said my hubby.

CIMG7426 CIMG7423 CIMG7427 CIMG7429 CIMG7431

Thanks For Meeting “Fire It Up Willy”,

Wildflower Mom

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