My first children’s book review of Author Robin Newman

Oh, dear where is the carrot cake?

I don’t know about you but anything dealing with carrot cake is worth reading! It’s my favorite cake even before chocolate cake!

I meet this lovely children’s book author Robin Newman at a book festival with Wildflower at my side. It caught my eye when I saw the words “CARROT CAKE”! I bought the book and Ms. Newman autographed the inside and she even took a cute Kodak Polaroid of Wildflower dressed up in a fuzzy mustache sticker, a Humphrey Bogard hat and a case number mug shot! Very cute.

This book was wonderful to read out loud to Wildflower and is geared for ages 4 to 8 years old. But, I loved it and was laughing at the play on words for us parent readers.

The Illustrator and artist that helped bring the main characters Captain Griswold and Detective Wilcox alive is Deborah Zemke. Very whimsical, lively and colorful pages to capture the world of this book.

Due to the legal mountain of paperwork I can not post any photographs of the inside of this wonderful book. Plus, why give away the mystery of the story!

So take your fork, computer mouse or index finger and tap, tap, tap, and click ,click ,click the links below to hunt down this sweet tooth tale.

I promise you won’t be disappointed in the end because you will also find a yummy recipe to bake together with your child at the end. I loved finding that sweet surprise!


Thanks for reading my first short and sweet kiddie book review,

Wildflower Mom


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5 thoughts on “My first children’s book review of Author Robin Newman

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