I was born and raised in South Jersey in a very close-knit Christian family. At a very young age my mother and my father’s mother taught me all their baking and cooking secrets. I loved to be their little helper and carried that into adulthood.

Both sides of my grandparent’s were retired farmers. My mother’s side was tomatoes. My father’s side was chickens and a family line of dairy farmers. But my grandfather still used the land for his own vegetable and strawberry gardens. The long chicken house turned into working rental garages.

So I was taught to work hard, baking, cooking and taking pride in life. These lands are not the same as they once where but the heart and memories are still fresh in my mind.

I want  this blog Growing A “Wildflower” to write about taking pride in what you have learned and will learn. I am “growing” our daughter and want to teach her the basic principles that I learned growing up. I don’t want a perfectly trimmed and pruned rose. I want her to be gentle, strong, kind, loving, spread her roots and absorb life. Grow up slowly to become her own strong person. That’s my meaning behind “wildflower” for me.

I have a background with an Associate Degree in Fine Arts, Illustration, and Graphic Design. Also went back to school again! I earned credentials and licenses as a NJ State Board Dental Assistant. So if you want to ask any dental questions go ahead. I am sure I can take away any questions or fears! It’s what I do in the office for patients. So why not here!

I will share my thoughts, parenting tricks and tips, knowledge, arts & crafts, natural beauty tips and tricks, DIY homemade ideas, spur of the moment recipe changes, failures, triumphs and more.

If this is what you would love to read about in a blog. Come, follow me, sign up for the email list, and like on Growing A Wildflower Facebook page! Remember to tell your friends too. There is always more to come!

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom

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