House Warming Party for My Website Today! All Are Invited! :)

It’s an exciting day for me at Growing A Wildflower!

Being an only child myself, I listened to my newest friend, Big Sis. She is very special to me and calls me Lil’ Sis.

I want the world to know, I now will call my home and it has a ton of more space and room to stretch my legs out!

No, longer

So, a lot more fun for me, little Wildflower, followers, readers and growth!

So, a thank you is in order to my Big Sis for coming into my life and teaching me a thing or two.

Love to my “sister”.

Thank you and love you!


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Thanks for reading and not being an only child anymore,

Wildflower Mom

Growing A “Wildflower” Blog’s 2014 in review, THANK YOU, FOLLOWERS!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 12 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Attention: Awful Bakers & Cooks, Crafters and Readers Just In Search For A Good Recipe…….

CIMG5490This is for a follower on FaceBook Mrs. L.F.

Question for you? Have you ever clicked on a craft or recipe, and after thought I would love to make it.


But, what?

Are you saying you can’t because you don’t have any of the items or ingredients on hand.

So, most likely you will never bother looking at that blog again.



Here’s the point I am trying to make in this blog.
My blog can be simple and complex.

I want my reader to put their device down and walk into their kitchen or closet. Pulling out each piece they need. I want you to be active and be able to complete the idea.

I really hate complex recipes. If I don’t have it either I stop reading.

My blog maybe be simple at times but I want to be a do-able-blog.

If it’s complex I do it step by step to teach you! I want you to say I can make this, now!

I want to turn an awful baker or awful cook into a shining kitchen star!

Just prop your tablet on your work space and I will teach you till the end. Got a question or stumped? Ask me. I will help you.

So, now that you know that my target audience is for awful bakers & cooks, newbie crafters, kids, and yes, even those of you who know how already!

Now, let’s get going and doing!

Thanks for reading and doing.

Wildflower Mom

A Blogger Without A Face.

I just finished an interesting conversation with a follower on Google Plus.

Thanks, +M. Wells for inspiring this blog and question.

Question who are you? I am a blogger without a face. A blogger, writer and yes a woman. Hint my name is Wildflower Mom.

I have made the decision to not share my image with the world or my little “wildflower’s” face.

Protection because I am a secret agent and I have to protect my “Identity”! This blog would self destruct in five seconds if I uploaded my picture.

No, not really. He he he…..

But, my husband for real and not joking now.

Has a background as a private investigator and a badge to prove it.

It’s so pretty and shiny in its black leather case. Love it!

But, he wanted me to be safe in this crazy internet sharing age of social networking.

No, image of my face or our child’s on here or I would have to pull the plug.

No, real names or anything to help track me down.

So, I truly understand why it’s important to protect your self-image from the wrong hands.

I know my followers will understand me more, now.

I really don’t understand people sharing their child’s face as their profile picture. Every single person in the world can see it!

Even people you don’t want to see it.

Trust me.

Change your setting on all your social media accounts.

Be responsible before you hit post.

So, my face is that of a loving mother, wife and friend.

Let me paint my portrait for you.

Most of the time I love to wear sneakers, jeans, paint is on my fingers, glue stick in my hand, flour on my table and floor, thanks to my little baker’s assistant “wildflower”, I was given my grandfather’s lovely eye color, hazel , my dark blonde hair is most of the time up in a ponytail, but done on rare occasions, I love to protect my face from the sun with sunscreen so I have a pale European complexion, but my face shines like the sunflower on my logo I made for this blog.

This is who the I am.

A blogger with a face.

Thanks for reading, asking and painting my picture,

Wildflower Mom

FOLLOW ME! Face Bookers, Tweety Birds & Circle of Friends!

I have been a busy “little social media bug” lately! Slowly adding “new social media accounts” as I go!





More to come!

Just trying to reach out to your favorite social media networks! Enjoy following!

Thanks for Connecting and Reading,

Wildflower Mom