A Girlie Never Land Birthday Party!

I just finished a few weeks ago “Wildflower’s” birthday party. It was a blast to plan, decorate and host! I always try to pick something fun and different from the current trends. My head is always whirling around birthday ideas. I actually think about it all year because it has to be special for Wildflower.

I picked Never Land since Peter Pan is her imaginary friend.

What a wonderful friend to have around!

All birthday ideas are DIY, budget and still fun! No, matter how simple it’s perfect for me and my wallet.

I try to make all decorations for the party since I have an art background.

Here’s a “Girlie Never Land Birthday Party!”



Open up a your design program on your computer. Be creative and insert downloadable pictures into the invitation. Have fun! Print out the pages and seal in the envelope. Hands write the guest’s name and have your child add a sticker. Simple and sweet.



Construction paper butterflies, flowers & fans. Beautiful big tissue paper flowers, Tinker Bell, simple door signs and Never Land Island with The Jolly Roger! I worked together with Wildflower Mom Mom since she passed her artistic talents on to me. Plus, I still do not have time to sit and create artwork, yet.

Since Wildflower’s birthday is in December we used gold Christmas garland for the beautiful pixie dust! Place Tinker Bell by the arch way and perfect pixie dust! Hang stars from the ceiling and hang a sign from the Never Land Star. “2nd star to the right, and fly on till morning!”




DIY Steps for Big Beautiful Flowers!

  1. Layer tissue paper 5, 8 or more sheets together. Any color combination you dream. Fold like you are making a paper fan. Tie a craft pipe cleaner in the middle. Cut to scallop the ends of the flower petals. Any way you like.
  2. Open the folded paper carefully like a fan.

  3. Start to gently peel out each petal. Take turns on peeling one each side of the fan.

  4. Fluff and shape the completed side and start the other side.

  5. A flower has bloomed!

  6. Tape and hang your beautiful flowers. On the wall, in a vase or lay it on the coffee table or?


My Simple Door Sign to Welcome Guest’s to Entering Never Land!


Printable coloring paper colored, construction paper leaves, crayon and pin wheel paper flower! Simple and sweet!


Princess Tiger Lily Head Dress Craft!

One sheet of construction paper and two long strips stapled together. Cut out feather shapes. Crayons and pretty glittery stickers! Staple to fit the child's head. Their all crowned princesses!

1.One sheet of construction paper and two long strips stapled together. 2.Cut out feather shapes. 3.Crayons and pretty glittery stickers! 4.Staple to fit the child’s head. 5.Their all crowned princesses!


Never Land Pixie Wand Craft!

  • Printables or draw out shape. Copy.
  •  Color two stars and Tinker Bell’s face with crayons.
  •  Cut completed stars and face out.
  •  Place wooden pixie wand down in middle of star. Tape pretty curling ribbons.
  •  Use school grade glue and press altogether! Curl ribbon with scissors.
  •  Play!



Feed Clocks To Tick Tock Croc Game!

You can make and design a croc’s head around this waste paper basket. But, I was cutting it close so I colored a printable paper and taped it on.

Roll white socks for clocks.

Design, cut and tape crazy clock faces onto the socks.

Place a wooden ruler on the floor.

The player walks down to the end of the plank on The Jolly Roger and toss the soft clock’s into the hungry Tick Tock’s belly!

This is our chore Peter Pan wanted us to do while he was away on vacation. We have to take care of Tick Tock Croc because he is very important to Peter and Never Land would not be the same if we didn’t have him in Girlie Never Land!



A Girlie Never Land Treasure Hunt!

I designed and drew out my home’s floor plan and designed the silly fun way to the treasure! I made copies for all the treasure hunters! So, following the leader where ever I may go! Do silly steps, fun dances, ballerina twirls, watch out for falling coconuts, fly like a butterfly and tailor it for your home treasure hunt! I used an office storage box with a pretty floral print. Or spray paint a shoe box and sprinkle sparkly glitter on while it’s still wet! The treasure box was filled with rings, bracelets, fruit chewy snacks, necklaces, gold chocolate coins and add what you like! It’s all treasure!

HINT! When you leave the room have an adult cover the treasure box with pillows and blankets! Now, they have to spot and dig away for the treasure! It was fun pretending not to know where the treasure was! Dig! Dig! Dig! 🙂

Now, ladies we must stop to go fill our treasure in bags! So, no crazy kid frenzy!



The Treasure Bags!

I bought a pack of brown paper lunch bags. I used a thin Sharpie marker and wrote Thank you, for visiting Never Land! Love, Tinker Bell XX! Tinker Bell did this all last night for me! Load the treasure into the bags and the guests could not keep their little eyes off this task! I stapled the bags closed with a big red heart saying Thank you from child’s name to guest name. Hand the treasure bag to Ms.”………..”! Here is your treasure! I handed the little guest a pack of coloring pages to enjoy at home with their treasure bag!


The Grande Never Land Ending and Pixie Dust Cup Cakes!  With a surprise!!!!

These are the exact look I wanted for pixie dust! I had fun icing each one. I used the classic multi-color cup cake liners or use golden liners. Tinker Bell sneaked in last night being the clever tink she is, and sprinkled pixie dust all over the cup cakes!

Icing Recipe I found and LOVE!


Wilton’s Recipe

1 cup Crisco softened

1 cup Land O’ Butter Creamy Salted Butter softened

Or use 2 cups of butter only.

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Beat until creamy and smooth.

Add 1 cup of powder sugar and beat until smooth

Add 4 cups one at a time.

Last add 2 Tablespoons of milk and beat!

Add a few drops of food coloring and beat.

Finger taste test! Perfect.


Sugar Topping Recipe

Take 1/4 cup of sugar or less.

Dump in zip lock bag and add a few drops to create your color!

Squeeze and squish the bag until blended.

Dump out onto a baker’s sheet.

Cut with a butter knife to break clumps and make it fine.

Smooth out and pop in the oven.

Bake at your lowest setting possible. 170 F for 4 minutes.

Take out and chop again with the butter knife for smooth and clump free.

It will set the color and make the sugar sparkle!

Put back in your zip lock bag until ready to use.

Sing “Happy Birthday”! On each guest’s plate put gummy bears, mini M&M’s and a jar of sprinkles on the table! Decorate and enjoy every bite!

Now, to the end of the party by opening up the guest’s treasure wrapped gifts and play with some friends!

Welcome, to my new added chapter on this blog, Birthday Party Themes!  Follow, me for more to come on your favorite social media app!


Thank you for celebrating Wildflower’s Birthday and visiting Girlie Never Land,

Wildflower Mom