Roasted Long Hot Peppers

Let me introduce you to my hubby.

He wants to go by the name “Fire It Up Willy”!

Don’t ask.

Here is a recipe that he has done for the past few weeks because a friend planted a garden with tons of pepper plants and  has no clue what to do with them! All “Fire It Up Willy’s” friends at work gave him their bag of peppers cause they had no clue how to roast them! So I thought to share “Fire It Up Willy’s” Recipe.

At 350 F on a greased baking sheet or baking pan place washed whole peppers.

12 1/2 dozen of sweet or hot peppers and drizzle with olive oil.

Season with salt and ground pepper to start.

Throw it in the oven.

Check at around 20 minutes and keep an eye on the peppers, the whole time.

Flip once to roast evenly on both sides.

Around the end of roasting add jarred garlic and use a fork to apply. Here and there.

Get your peppers to desired texture or roast.

At 50 minutes pop the peppers out of the oven.

Have the peppers cool down and store in container.

“Fire It Up Willy” suggests using the Roasted Peppers in pasta sauce, sausage sandwiches or add it to fire up your dips for Football Game Day!

His favorite way is the way his Italian Grandfather, would enjoy it on a soft Italian roll buttered and top with the Roasted Peppers.

“I’m on the blog!” said my hubby.

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Thanks For Meeting “Fire It Up Willy”,

Wildflower Mom

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Easy Bacon Collard Greens 

I made just a small side dish of collards. Super simple to make and just four ingredients if I don’t count the water. Four! 

A small bunch of organic collards washed and ripped the big stalk or rib with my hands. Wildflower ripped the leaves in nice sized pieces.

In a pot cook several strips of bacon and one medium sized sweet onion in a splash of olive oil. 

Once bacon is browned add 5 to 6 cups of water with two cereal spoons of heaping chicken bouillon. 

Add greens to pot and cook with lid tilted on top.  Fully covered  will cause over flow.

Cook for 25 minutes on medium heat. Taste to check tenderness.

Enjoy a low sodium recipe with favor!

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom

It’s good to be back!


Golden Barrel Dark Nutty Sugar Chicken Drum Sticks



If you are looking for a another chicken recipe and just tired of the same old chicken and chicken and more chicken recipes?!?!?!

Here is something I think you will love to try tonight!

A new! Chicken flavor and taste!

Here is the recipe I came up using Golden Barrel Products.


Golden Barrel Dark Nutty Sugar Chicken Drum Sticks

Preheat your oven to 350 F

8 package of chicken legs

Line your oven pan with foil wrap and coat with cooking spray.

In a food processor 1 cup walnuts and 1/2 cup shredded sweetened coconut and process to a medium to fine meal.

In a bowl dump the nut meats and add to it:

1/4 cup Golden Barrel Black Strap Molasses

1/3 cup Honey

2 dashes of salt

1/4 cup of Golden Barrel Coconut Oil

Mix all together to make the paste ( I say paste because it’s thick and good!)

Spoon the paste on to the chicken drum sticks and cover it!

Bake for a good 50 minutes.

Serve with your favorite vegetable side dishes and a nice tossed salad.


The outcome of this dish is dark, brown and gooey! But, it is oh so good to eat and the smell is yummy good!

It is a savory flavor, different spices for chicken, tender, juicy, nutty, slightly sweet and sticky good!

Even my husband who doesn’t have a sweet tooth loved it!



Thanks for reading and enjoy chicken again!


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Simple Golden Barrel Smoked Ham Dinner



If you want a super easy dinner that takes less than 25 minutes to put on the table? Read on!

Using Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses as the main ingredient since, I still have a box full of products to create recipes!


Golden Smoked Barrel Ham

Take a nice Smoked Bone In Ham Slice at the market.

1 serving spoon size of Blackstrap Molasses

3-4 big squeezes of honey

Mix together in a small bowl.

On a baking sheet spray a little cooking spray.

Spread over with the spoon on both sides of the ham steak.

Sprinkle a little salt on both sides.

Turn on the broiler setting on your oven using the LOW setting.

Broil about 25 minutes flipping the ham in the middle of this time length.

Keep at eye on it while it gets a nice golden brown and flavor!



I am not a big fan of sweet ham. So, this was perfect for me and my family!

My husband was about to freak out when he saw me mixing molasses and honey together. Remember, he was born without a sweet tooth!  Looked like he was about to football tackle me in a second!!!! I told him to trust me and try the glaze! He was shocked and loved the flavor. It wasn’t anything like he thought! He gave me the signal to continue the play in the “ham” game!

The Blackstrap Molasses bought out the slight hint of smokiness of the southern styled home dinner. A perfect combo with ham. It has a slight sweet and savor flavor for this molasses. It made me love ham. Wildflower and my husband loved it too!

You could serve it with a healthy green salad, side of sweet potatoes and green beans. Enjoy!


Log on to and click on molasses on the menu to order!


Thanks for reading and making a quick dinner,

Wildflower Mom


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Toasted Arrows & Wings Open Faced Sandwich

Here’s a little snack or lunch idea for your little Valentine!

One slice of toasted bread.

I couldn’t find my cookies cutters so I free-handed it with a butter knife and ended up making wings!

Picked a pretty jam for the heart and peanut butter for the wings.

I cut one strawberry in half and a cheese stick in half. Laid down mini baby carrots for the feathers on the arrows.

Had not idea where I was going from the beginning but I just went with it!


Surprise your little Valentine today with something special you made!

Yummy and healthy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Thanks for reading and being creative with toast,

Wildflower Mom


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Plate Full of Love & Hearts!


This was a special way of giving Wildflower a Happy Valentine’s Breakfast last year.

I just used my heart cookie cutters and spread her some yummy butter and jam.

I cut the strawberries with a knife to make two cute hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day with a breakfast smile and kiss on the nose.

Wildflower loved it! At first she didn’t want to eat the pretty hearts but she got over that quick!

What special thing can you do for your little Valentine?


Thanks for reading and eat your heart out,

Wildflower Mom


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My First Request: Pumpkin Soup

I have been blogging for a while and whatever subject that pleased me to share with you. But that changed when I got a request or my first mission you could say! I got my orders from a stationed U.S.A Marine! So, I took this mission very serious to heart.

So, thank you, Sir!

Here is my finished mission, Lieutenant Colonel, Sir!

I hope it’s up to your liking and brings some comforting feeling of home.

I did come up with a pumpkin soup recipe a few years ago since I never had it before. My husband and I both worked the stock pot together in the kitchen. I dug through my recipes and found this prized little gem. At that moment I thought to revamp even our own recipe! Why not make it better! I search engine the origins of pumpkin soup and like I was told by my requester it’s very big in Germany. I checked the traditional Germany recipes and our own. So, here is what I came up with from this special mission of creamy pumpkin soup.

Using a bag of my fresh frozen pumpkin I let it defrost over night in the frig and got to work. Read my blog post titled Pumpkin Patch to Pumpkin Puree for how to use fresh whole pumpkin and it’s easy to do!


Pumpkin Soup

In a large stock pot add:

3 cups fresh puree pumpkin

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup whole milk

2 Tablespoons butter

2-3 sprigs fresh rosemary

5 whole bay leaves (remember to remove them after cooking)

1/2 teaspoon grounded coriander seed

a nice dash of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon curry powder ( I personal can not handle hot spices on my tender stomach so I used the mild curry)

1/2 teaspoon salt

Some fresh grounded pepper corns

1/2 grounded cloves

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Stir together and cook over low medium heat (keep an eye on this soup since it has creams in it, we don’t want to burn the bottom, so stir constantly)

While this is cooking work on the next step.

1 pack of portabella mushrooms ( with water scrub and wash the manure “dirt” away, pop off stems and keep caps whole)

On a baking sheet place mushroom caps, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Put in the broiler on high for 10 minutes. Watch them.

Pop the broiled mushrooms in the finished pot of simmered cream soup.

Click or tap on the photos to read more tips and tricks. Read more for the recipe at the end!


Simmer the soup for about 30 minutes at medium low heat. Pop finished flavor full mushrooms into the soup and stir.

Carefully spoon and pour hot soup into blender or food processor and blend smooth.

Serve and top with fresh rosemary, olive oil, roasted pumpkin seeds, croutons, or shaved aged cheese curls.

This soup is a royal bowl to serve at any dinner party, holiday, everyday, luncheon or needing comfort. The spices give it a warm rich velvety taste that envelops your taste buds and wraps its way down your throat. Your mind will take a trip to Kashmir’s spice market while sitting at your kitchen, dinning room table or TV tray table.

Wildflower tried a bowl and I told her it was Cinderella Soup.

She ate every bite!


Thanks for reading and I will be waiting to report for my next mission,

Wildflower Mom


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Pumpkin Patch to Pumpkin Puree


Wildflower’s 1st Pre-K Class Trip at Duffield’s Farm.


The Easy Guide To Pumpkin Cleaning, Cutting, Cooking and Never Touching A Can Of Pumpkin, Again!

This guide is written by a newbie who just got over her fear of the “WHOLE” pumpkin.

I have been staring down my two pumpkins on my kitchen table for the pass two months.

It was starting to become a staring contest! The pumpkins kept winning!

The pumpkins!

I decided that the pretty pumpkins that where my current center pieces just had to go.

The stares where getting awkward.

So, I showed them I will win and I did!

I can not believe how easy it was! Unbelievable!

I have never been a fan of canned pumpkin and never touched it myself. So, this is a major break through.

So, read and look at the step by step photos of how super easy it will be for you, too! This all when down yesterday evening.

Click or tap photos for the instructions.

Easy to do and your basic instructions on making baby food too!

Baby Food

Clean glass mason jars and lids. Tighten lid and label.

Freeze. Remove jar over night to defrost and add portion to baby’s bowl.

Warm if desired.

Natural home-made baby food and your baby will eat it!

If your baby won’t eat store-bought, take a taste. I promise you will have a happier and healthy baby if you make it yourself!

I made all my baby food and it was the best decision I made.


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Thanks for reading & overcoming the pumpkin,

Wildflower Mom



Butternut Squash Recipe Part I

Bare Basics Of Butternut Squash & Two Recipes = Side Dish & DESSERT!

Using One Squash Part I

I love Butternut squash and how easy it is to prep! No, hard work as you may already know.

I do not have the ability to prep and take photos at the same time, as of yet! So, I drew out a rough sketch for you.

It's all about safe prep work, scooping out seeds & peeling.

It’s all about safe prep work, scooping out seeds & peeling.

Next step.

Cut into nice sized slices and add some water to the casserole dish. Pop on the lid.

Cut into nice sized slices and add some water to the casserole dish. Pop on the lid.

Now, you can roast it in the oven or cook on top of the stove. But, I don’t have that kind of time! Remember, little wildflower is running around and wait one second…..

Ok, back to the butternut.

Throw it in the microwave and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. It all depends on your microwave setting and check with a fork for tenderness. We don’t want mush.

When you reached the perfect tenderness.

I wanted to use my brand new toy , a food processor. But my husband was taking a nap after a long hard day at work. So, I did it the old fashion way. Mashed it with a fork!

I wanted to use my brand new toy , a food processor! But, my husband was taking a nap after a long hard day at work. So, I did it the old fashion way. Mashed it with a fork!

I wanted to keep the taste nice and simple. Less is more.

Add a few pads of butter and sprinkle in some salt.

Remember to taste test until you love it!

Now, just one left over casserole filled with sliced butternut squash! I am now going to keep you in suspense!

Part II need to be created and baked first. So, going to spend sometime in the kitchen today!

Can not wait for you to see the baking creation combo, I put together!

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Thanks for reading & sharing,

Wildflower Mom


Easy Summer Dressing Recipe


I wanted to make a nice refreshing light dressing. So, I took out my home made, making dressing glass bottle. I thought of what would go together nicely and light. I used the line markers on the bottle for measuring the parts for vinegar and water. But after that I just ended up dumping in the ingredients and flavors. Here’s what I did to make the dressing.

For the vinegar I used orange juice. You can squeeze a fresh orange or ready made juice.

Added water.

I than added extra virgin olive oil but as much as I wanted. I did not want to use as much as the bottle marker was asking for. It’s up to you.

Than I winged it from here. If you want tons of flavor just dump it in and don’t be afraid. Or add a little at a time and taste as always.

Next sea salt, garlic powder, pepper any type you love, oregano and shake it some parmesan.

Close the lid nice and tight! Shake it all up and taste!  Check if you love it or need to add more! It’s all up to your own preference.