Salt & Sugar Body Scrub





I just ran out of my last recipe of Bath Oil & Sugar Scrub Recipe.

It’s time for a new batch and a new recipe!

This can be tailored for ladies or gentlemen.

I have had a long-lasting and loving relationship with rosemary! I love it fresh and out of my herb container garden.

Fresh, spring, and breathe taking!

So, this recipe is used for rough garden’s hands and as a body scrub.

Do not use it on face or lips. Please! ( Learned it the hard way.)

I put it together in my old mini food processor.


RoseMary Lavender Scrub

3 sprig of fresh Rosemary

1/4 cup of Imported Grape Seed Oil

Blend it.

16 drops of Pure Essential Lavender Oil ( To be honest I didn’t count, I just kept adding it! It’s your call of how much you want and love.) (Guys, you can minus the flower oil.)

1/2  cup of salt ( We ran out of salt! We both bought a big container of salt! So, we have tons of salt now! Don’t have a kitchen with no salt. It wasn’t easy.)

Blend it.

1/3 cup sugar

Drizzle some grape seed oil to blend easier.

Scoop it out and place it in your clean glass mason jar.

Give as a gift or keep it for yourself!

Place on your top shower shelf or at the kitchen sink. (Keep out of the shower spray to prevent rusting the lid.)

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Enjoy making and using your fresh scrub.

Any questions about the recipe email me at growingawildflower{at}Comcast{dot}net

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Products I used=  for Shop Rite Imported Grape Seed Oil  for Salt  for Pure Essential Lavender Oil


Thanks for making & reading,

Wildflower Mom

Bath Oil & Sugar Scrub Recipe


Natural Beauty Evolution Series Part One.

A mother’s day-dream.

Bathing in the rich warm waters of Cleopatra’s bathtub.

Drenching your parched skin to some tender loving care.

Oh, just a dream you can whip up in a lovely glass jar!

I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful of what I use on my skin.

So, I have stopped wasting my time driving and buying expensive at home spa treatments.

Just a little research and a quick trip to my kitchen.

Spa in a jar!

Plus, this one recipe has multi-uses!

For me it’s a facial scrub, body scrub, lip scrub, body oil, oil bath beads and shaving cream all in one little jar!

All you need is a basic recipe and a reusable glass canning jar.

Here is my recipe I love and it’s always changing too!

Remember each ingredient is natural and you can lick your fingers when making it!

I always do. It’s a requirement.

1/4 cup Brown Sugar (add an extra 1/4 cup of brown sugar if you want it thicker )

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup Local Honey ( Try to support your local beekeepers. You will taste the difference and it’s so good.)

1/4 cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil (Scoop or pour out the oil.

a splash of vanilla

Mix all together until well blended.

Pour into your clean canning jar and tighten the lid.

This can be stored in your top shower shelf out of the shower rainfall. To prevent rusting the lid.

Enjoy in a bath or shower.  Rinse the sugar off your skin and shave.

Be gentle on you skin and use your favorite natural soap after your spa treatment.

Your skin will feel soft and comfortable. You won’t need a drop of body lotion.

Rinse the tub out good after use as a precaution from slipping in the shower.

You can design a pretty card in calligraphy and add ribbon for a gift.

More recipes to come.


Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom