Role Model, who ME?

I have not been blogging for about a month. So I though I would check in and say hello!

Have you ever thought about the simple things that you do everyday that your child sees? Look in the mirror now. You are your children’s role model! Yes, we have super stars and Super Heros on TV but they look up to you! Wildflower just started doing things and saying Look Mommy I do what you do!

Playing with my makeup brush and I do what you do!

Dusting the table and I do what you do!

Pushing the turned off vacuum and I do what you do!

Pushing the broom across the floor and rug and I do what you do!

Playing with her kitchen toy set and I do what you do! I am cooking! I am baking cookies!

It wasn’t until I thought of trying to get up early to pop in one of my old exercise DVDs from my days before Wildflower baby was in my life. I just looked at them and picked one I wanted to see, if I could try exercise in my current life again. I put it back on the movie shelf to wait until tomorrow morning, while Wildflower was sleeping. Wildflower when over pulled the DVD off the shelf and saw the front cover. She got down on the floor and copied what the trainer was doing on the cover!!!

Look Mommy I do what she is doing! Look!

Wow! A moment in time that slaps you in the face good and hard!

This whole time of my four years of taking care of my Wildflower child I was blaming her ,that I couldn’t exercise. My form of exercise was running after her all day! Not a joke! I was standing in my own way and never though to give it a chance or anything! I was dying to get back in shape but I was waiting and waiting for what!?!?!

I walked over to my little daughter on the floor doing a yoga Pilates move. I told her wow you are doing fabulous! Would you like me to play the DVD to see more? Wildflower said YES! We did it together for about ten minutes and I had to stop since I tried a page out of the magazine’s floor exercises. Right before she woke up this morning. I had my fill for the day. She was so disappointed and wanted to keep going! I told her we would do more tomorrow. Oh, OK!

This totally rocked my whole world and we went to the store to use the last of my birthday money to buy new exercise dvds, hand weights, and outfits for me to sweat out in! I was thrilled! I even cleaned out my cabinets and frig! New yummy healthy options just even more than usual. I have always been healthy but this helped me out even more! The old me was awake again! My husband has loved the new fun dinners but I just revamp old boring dinners and foods. I still have to buy his favorite foods and stuff since he does have a hard labor intensive job. He doesn’t need to exercise and would have no energy to exercise at the end of the day! So, he gives me tips and ideas!

So , I have been at it, for this month of April! Exercise and eating good! Set my old goals and if my Wildflower is sleeping I exercise! If she wakes up and calls me in the middle of my sweating exercise I pause it take care of her real quick! Plop her on the sofa and go back to exercising! She watches me finish and clean up after.

You know what I hear and see now?

Jogging in place and I do what you do!

Stretching out hamstrings and I do what you do!

Down ward facing dog and I do what you do!

Look Mommy! I am exercising and getting healthy and strong just like you, Mommy! Look!

Feel my muscle Mommy!

Makes my heart smile big and wide!

You are a ROLE MODEL in your child’s life! What are you showing them?

Thanks for reading and seeing clear again!

Wildflower Mom

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Butternut Squash Recipe Part I

Bare Basics Of Butternut Squash & Two Recipes = Side Dish & DESSERT!

Using One Squash Part I

I love Butternut squash and how easy it is to prep! No, hard work as you may already know.

I do not have the ability to prep and take photos at the same time, as of yet! So, I drew out a rough sketch for you.

It's all about safe prep work, scooping out seeds & peeling.

It’s all about safe prep work, scooping out seeds & peeling.

Next step.

Cut into nice sized slices and add some water to the casserole dish. Pop on the lid.

Cut into nice sized slices and add some water to the casserole dish. Pop on the lid.

Now, you can roast it in the oven or cook on top of the stove. But, I don’t have that kind of time! Remember, little wildflower is running around and wait one second…..

Ok, back to the butternut.

Throw it in the microwave and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. It all depends on your microwave setting and check with a fork for tenderness. We don’t want mush.

When you reached the perfect tenderness.

I wanted to use my brand new toy , a food processor. But my husband was taking a nap after a long hard day at work. So, I did it the old fashion way. Mashed it with a fork!

I wanted to use my brand new toy , a food processor! But, my husband was taking a nap after a long hard day at work. So, I did it the old fashion way. Mashed it with a fork!

I wanted to keep the taste nice and simple. Less is more.

Add a few pads of butter and sprinkle in some salt.

Remember to taste test until you love it!

Now, just one left over casserole filled with sliced butternut squash! I am now going to keep you in suspense!

Part II need to be created and baked first. So, going to spend sometime in the kitchen today!

Can not wait for you to see the baking creation combo, I put together!

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Thanks for reading & sharing,

Wildflower Mom


The Battle Of The Pre-K Germs

Pre-K mom’s crazy routine for stopping the germs at the door! Or just trying too!

OK. Call me crazy but I have a must be done routine when my wildflower comes home from Pre-K. I having a background as a dental assistant I have done this a billion times during the working hours. But, now I apply it to my little wildflower. Cross contamination is something I live and breathe even in the real world. I am not a germ phobic but my training in dental school made me this way.

My super best friend Professional Lysol disinfecting spray can Brand III ! Love Professional Lysol cleaning products in every form! I choose the crisp linen scent and spray away. Find all information at OK I am done advertising here.

We come through the door and she immediately knows the drill now. Shoes and shirt and maybe pants are removed. Shoes are sprayed with Lysol spray. Face and hands are scrubbed with warm soap and water. Wash cloth, shirt and pants goes in the hamper to be washed. New shirt, pants and maybe socks. It all depends on how I am feeling really. I ask her if anyone at school was sick, coughing or sneezing. She tells me no. But, knows I am not done. Remember crazy here.

The backpack, folder, jacket, and lunch box are sprayed down with Professional Lysol. Lunch box, bottle, containers and every single part is washed in hot soapy water and dried. Jacket will be added to the wash of course! Only if necessary. If a special prize was given as a reward it too meets Mr. Lysol spray can!

I am not crazy my child will get sick no matter what. But, if I can prevent the germs living and  multiplying. I will not wait until  bath time at the end of the day. Crazy! She is new to being away from her stay at home mom and so germs will attack her more since she was never in daycare. So, this is my crazy battle to have her socialize, learn, and battle the germ wars at home.

Before she was too young to explain germs. But, with the wonderful land of YouTube I got through to her! Now hand washing and germs are second nature. Scrub, scrub and washing the germs down the drain! Pick any video for children’s education on germs. It’s amazing how their little eyes open up to seeing it! So, wildflower is more prepared in knowing just how to be healthy and clean. Plus every time we have to buy a new can for home. We always buy another spray can and wipes for the Pre-K teachers, to help them for clean up time too!

(Yes, I know it’s bad to use spray cans but I always send my child to her room so I can spray. Plus I open the windows to bring in some fresh clean air.)

Thanks for read!

Wildflower Mom

Yo-NA-NA-Berry Smoothie


I was wanting a smoothie and a quick energy pick me up! So this is my quick and easy blender recipe.

1 glass serving of milk

1 banana

1 container of your favorite yogurt

1 handful of washed & cut up strawberries

6 ice cubes

Dump each ingredient in your blender, blend until smooth, pour in cups, cheers & enjoy!

I used my brand of yogurt but if you want your kiddie to slurp it down. Use their favorite yogurt.

You can blend up any berry you have on hand. Like I said a spur of the moment smoothie.

Have fun with your own recipe!