Flower Pencil Topper

Here is a quick an easy craft for 4 and up! Work together to make an awesome pencil gift for a friend or MomMom’s Birthday. 

You will need:

2 pipe cleaners 

Three buttons for center and leaves.

One color or two of construction paper for petals.

A cool pencil.

Cut and fold paper to square size you want the petals to be and freehand cut design. Grownup helper needed for younger artists.

Wrap pipe cleaners together except leave room for the petals on the top and add buttons in the middle and then continue wrapping.

Poke hole in center of paper petals and let the child assemble the flower.

Loop pipe cleaner through button for center of flower and then wrap it underneath.

Wrap pipe cleaner around the top of your pencil and you’re done.

Have fun crafting together! Be as creativity as you want!

Thanks for being crafty,

Wildflower Mom

Lolly Heart Craft


Here is a simple craft I came up with, on short notice of being asked “Can we make a craft?” from Wildflower’s older friend.

You need:

two sheets of construction paper

crayons or markers

craft glue


curling gift ribbon

a Chinese chopstick

plastic wrap


Cut the paper into two heart shapes, together.

Color and design a pretty icing pattern on you jumbo lolly pop with crayons.

Place a chop stick in the middle and drip glue on paper.

Press the other heart on top and press tight near the chop stick to give the classic lolly pop look.

Add stickers or glitter!

Wrap in plastic wrap to seal your super, sweet and sticky lolly pop!

Tie and curl your ribbon to keep the wrapper on tight!

Give your lolly pop to someone special!


Wildflower’s friend made an extra special one since her little sister wasn’t here on this day! Very sweet of an older sister!

Below is Wildflower’s craft all wrapped up to go.

Have some fun and bring a childhood candy to life!

Thanks for reading and who will you give your lolly too?

Wildflower Mom


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Dreaming In Color

If you noticed there’s a ton of snow outside today in my town! So, I know my Wildflower and your children¬†want to play all day in the snow!

So, if you are working on dinner or a project of adult importance, give your child a fun-keep-them-busy-project!

Grab your big cooking stock pot and a cooking spoon.

Go outside real quick and load the pot up with fresh snow, your nosy neighbor will be entertained too!

Put the pot in your kitchen sink and slide a chair up for your child to stand on.

Give them, plastic measuring cups, spoons, a small bowl, beach toys or any interesting!

After a while your child will be quiet……

Work on that important adult project in the kitchen while your child has fun work!

After you are done, let’s step your child’s project up a notch!

Ask your child what color would they wish snow was!


Add a few drops of food coloring on the snow and have them mix with a big plastic spoon.

My problem in the end was Wildflower kept wanting to turn the water on and ended up making blue snow soup.

Please do not worry about staining or anything. If you read the box directions it wipes up immediately and just wash hands.

Please don’t let staining of your little one’s hands stop you from letting them have fun!

Be open-minded and remember yourself as a kid wanting fun!


Wildflower really wanted purple but my red didn’t have another drop to add. ūüė¶

But, she was still happy in the end.

But, I made sure to buy a new box when I went food shopping.


Thanks for reading and making color wishes come true,

Wildflower Mom


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Miss or Mr. Happy Heart!

It’s getting so close to Valentine’s Day and here is a cute little kiddie craft for your child to make.

Just tailor it for your girl or boy!

You will need:

Construction papers

craft glue


crayons or markers

crazy craft eyes or make paper ones

foam glitter stickers

pipe cleaners

paper towel

packing material peanuts



anything else you can think of!?!?!!?



Have your child cut out two larger paper hearts and have them unfold the paper. Perfect if they need to practice at home with safety scissor with you!

Draw a face, add crazy eyes, nose and draw a smile!

Wildflower wanted ears so she has two heart ears too! Why, not!

Color, draw and have fun!

Add and tape two pipe cleaners on the back, one for legs and arms.

Pop packing peanuts on the ends and fold pipe cleaner over.

Staple both hearts just on the bottom together.

Rip the paper towel up and stuff your heart.

Add a little heart with a special secret message and stuff inside.

Staple the heart closed.

Add a hat, design and decorate. Glue on the hat.

Now, design a two heart dress, bow tie, tie or keep it plain!

Let it dry and give Mr. or Miss Happy Heart to your Big Valentine!

Simple and easy for any age to enjoy!


CIMG6434 CIMG6437

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Heart’s Day!

Wildflower wanted a dress but I thought it looked great without it. But, she’s the artist!


Thanks for reading and stuff your heart full of love,

Wildflower Mom


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Christmas Vacation Kiddie Crafts

Here are THREE Christmas crafts to keep your little ones busy during the break!


Merry Berry Holly Hand Wreathe

You will need a paper plate, green & red construction paper, craft glue, and red paint.

Trace your child’s hand on the green paper and fold two sheets together.

Cut out the tracing of the hand to make many hands!

Fold and cut the center of the paper plate out for the base of the wreathe.

Glue the hands around the paper plate to fill it in!

Dip a finger or use a cotton Q-Tip in the red paint to make the berries.

Cut a pretty red bow or pop on a gift bow.

A gift for a grandparent or hang on your front door. Or the frig!



Candy Cane Craft


You will need a piece of white craft foam, markers, glue and glitter!

Cut a candy cane shape for your child.

Let them decorate the cane how ever they want with the markers! Any age can do this craft.

For the older children draw the glue on foam and add the glitter over old news papers or junk mail.

Write child’s name and year it was done!

Hang on the Christmas tree once the glue is dried.

Making memories!


Painted Angel Wings


You will need white paper, crayons or markers, tape, finger paints, and gold curling ribbon.

I did this craft with my Wildflower and two of her older friends. Ages 4, 6 and 9. Any age can do this together with an adult.

Cut the white paper angel body and circle for the head.

Have them make a pretty angel face.

Glue the angel’s head down first.

Pick two finger paints one for the body and one for the wings.

Paint the one hand for the child and press down on the paper for the body.

Paint the other hand for the child for the wings and press the paper.

Cut and tape the angel’s golden halo.

Tape it on the back of the head.



Any child can have fun making it.

Happy Crafting with your children this Christmas!


Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas,

Wildflower Mom

An Indoor Ball Game Day!

Today, was a rainy afternoon and my Wildflower wanted to play a game.

“Please, I want to play a game.”

But, what?  Wildflower is a strong-willed child and moves quickly to the next thing!

I quickly went into my husband’s sock drawer and took out several pairs of his white socks. Next, I took them apart and rolled one sock up by its self. I made a¬†few playing balls. You¬†can use anyone’s socks and different colors.

Then I brought out some containers, mixing bowls and big stock pots. I spread them out on the living room carpet.

Quickly, grabbed a wooden ruler or you can use masking tape.

Presto! Instant indoor game!

I named it Sock Bowl!

Easy for younger children to play or older. Just change the distant to make it more challenging or easier, for your child.

A great counting game. Count how many points in the bowls and count how many hit the floor. For each point in the bowl give your child a high-five!

Change the position of the game line to different angles of the room, just to mix it up.


Have fun playing and take turns with your mommy and daddy! Promised to give you tons of giggles!

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Thanks for reading and playing,

Wildflower Mom

Super Hero Craft


This is the final project for the pine cone craft series! I was trying to appeal to both girls and boys on this unusual super hero creation!

THE AMAZING SUPER PINE CONE MAN hangs out in my “wildflower’s” room and protects my child day and night!

Nothing can stop this SUPER HERO! You can make your super hero any color or way you want! This project is for ages 2 and up!

Turn on your super hero creative minds! This is what you will need!

Your White Pine Tree Cone with no prickles

construction paper

safety scissors

school grade crafting glue


washable paints


news papers or junk mail flyers

smock for your little one to protect their clothes

a dish for paints and water


puff ball for nose

You can use goofy silly crafting eyes but I just drew ours on the construction paper.

Set up everything for your child to paint the pine cone. Let them paint!

While they are painting you the “artist’s assistant” is drawing/cutting out the cape, eyes, and mouth! Your both busy!

After your child is done painting clean up the painting materials, hands and everything else! ūüôā

Let the painted pine cone dry. After dried.

Slip the cape into the pine cone no glue needed if you look at my photo pattern. It doesn’t need to be perfect it’s all¬†in good fun!

Place a glue dot where your child wants the eyes, noes and mouth. Let your child place and press each piece on the cone.

Tie string to the cone stem and hang THE AMAZING SUPER PINE CONE MAN!!!!! in your child’s room!



How To Bake Shape Cookies

I have been trying to make it a tradition for “wildflower” to make shape cookies for holiday time or fun! We used my mother’s recipe but I am going to give you several flavor options for this cookie recipe.

I have taken photos from start to finish to help you along the way. So you can not go wrong!  Easy and fun!

Decorating with your little bakery assistant is building memories to last a life time. Plus when I bake I don’t use any fancy kitchen appliances just elbow grease. The way my mother and grandmother taught me. I can always tell the different if an appliance was used or mixed by hand. The secret is¬†the¬†tenderness of ¬†the cookie. Over mixing is the killer of the making a¬†tough cookie¬†and no second helpings!

Sad but true.

Here’s the recipe to get you going!

Shape Cookies

3/4 cup of butter (best to leave the butter out until soft =1  1/2 sticks of butter)

1 cup white sugar

Mix these together until creamy in a bowl.

Add two eggs


Cream all together.

Add 2 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp. baking power

1 tsp. salt

Here are the different flavor options you can add at this step=

grated lemon rind

grated orange rind

almond extract

vanilla extract

In a food processor to make it into smaller pieces=

shredded coconut



Next mix up until all ingredients are incorporated and form a soft cookie dough.

Knead it into a nice smooth ball of dough.

Wrap it up good and tight in plastic wrap.

Chill in frig for 1 hour or longer until your ready to create cookies together.

Clean the kitchen table or use a pastry mat. Lightly flour the working surface and rolling-pin.

Roll the chilled dough out to 1/4 of an inch.

Chose your desired cookie cutters and get cracking them out onto the cookie sheet.

It’s best to work fast and during cooler weather. If the dough becomes to soft it’s harder to work with.

*** Tip is to throw the dough in the freezer while waiting in-between decorating and baking.

*** If you don’t have cookie cutters¬†be creative! Make butterflies, flowers or any cookie idea you want. But remember not too thick or thin with the design for baking. It could need more time to bake or if too thin it can break.

Once your cookies are cut and on the ungreased cookie sheet. It’s time for the fun with your little bakery assistant! Your showing your child a little magic show too!

To make cookie paint

1 tsp. milk and 1 or 2 drops of food coloring. All depends on the colors your making. Pink would be 2-3 tsp. milk and 1 drop of red. Mix and ready to paint. Be creative! I buy an extra set of kids watercolor paint brushes only used for baking.

To make cookie sugars

1 tsp. sugar and 1 drop food coloring. Mix and squash with a spoon until you get your color. Make a rainbow if you want! Store sugars in a reseal able bag if you are going to do more cookies in the next few days. (Yes, you can buy it in the store but what’s the fun in that! It takes seconds and pennies to make.)

Just click on the thumb nail photo and you see the full size photo shoot from start to finish. All at your own pace!

Paint and sprinkle your cookie!

Place the decorated cookies into a preheated oven at 400 F.  Bake 6 to 8 minutes. Until edges are golden brown. Watch and you will not need the timer after a while. You will get a 6th sense when it comes to baking cookies!

Bird Feeder Craft for Young Child


Let’s feed the birdies or squirrels. This was my “wildflower” favorite to do. We again used another White Pine Tree Cone because of no prickles on this breed of pine. Pick a nice big one for a bird feeder cone. This can be for ages 2 and up. Remember all projects are meant to be done together. Here is the list of martials that you need.

The pine cone

two dinner plates

metal or plastic butter knife

bird seed, sunflower seeds, cracked corn or nuts

peanut butter or almond spread

plastic wrap



Tire string to stem of cone several times ( the birds or squirrels will go nuts when they find it)

Place and lay out your choice of sticky spread ( no double dipping)

Spread sticky spread all over the cone with knife ( work together with your little one)

  • Remember to remind your little one we are not eating this treat, it’s for the birds!!!

Dump out your choice of seed, corn or nuts. Roll the cone around and sprinkle more if needed.

  • Remember to remind your little one not to eat the food, again!!!!

Wrap up in plastic wrap and store in frig until ready to hang up on a safe tree limb for the birds.

( My “wildflower” kept eating the peanut butter and sunflower seeds. My child said I am a bird!)

Our bird feeder cone ended up being carried away by a squirrel but we still had fun making it!

Nature Craft for Girls


Take a nice little walk outside or at your local park. We picked up some pine cones for some crafting! It’s best to use the White Pine Tree Cones. The white pine does not have sharp prickles so it can be handled for crafts. Age for project is 3 years and up. This is how to make a Glam Cone!

The list of materials that you will need:

School grade crafting glue


bag of crafting gems

felt dots

don’t forget the pine cone

thread or string to hang it up in your room

news papers or junk mail flyers( to cover table working surface for mess)

safety scissors

you can add more to the list if you wish!

You will need to work together with your child depending on their age. The younger they are it can help them with listening, following directions, fine motor skills and colors. The older the child they can be as creative as they want!

Line table with news papers or junk mail flyers.

Place and hold pine cone over papers.

Squeeze glue all over pine cone.

Sprinkle glitter on the pine cone and funnel unused glitter back into container.

Glue and have child place gems on glue and press.

Glue and add felt cut dots to cone.

Add until it’s all sparkly and pretty!

Let dry and tie thread or string to stem and hang up.

Gorgeous and Glam!