Salt & Sugar Body Scrub





I just ran out of my last recipe of Bath Oil & Sugar Scrub Recipe.

It’s time for a new batch and a new recipe!

This can be tailored for ladies or gentlemen.

I have had a long-lasting and loving relationship with rosemary! I love it fresh and out of my herb container garden.

Fresh, spring, and breathe taking!

So, this recipe is used for rough garden’s hands and as a body scrub.

Do not use it on face or lips. Please! ( Learned it the hard way.)

I put it together in my old mini food processor.


RoseMary Lavender Scrub

3 sprig of fresh Rosemary

1/4 cup of Imported Grape Seed Oil

Blend it.

16 drops of Pure Essential Lavender Oil ( To be honest I didn’t count, I just kept adding it! It’s your call of how much you want and love.) (Guys, you can minus the flower oil.)

1/2  cup of salt ( We ran out of salt! We both bought a big container of salt! So, we have tons of salt now! Don’t have a kitchen with no salt. It wasn’t easy.)

Blend it.

1/3 cup sugar

Drizzle some grape seed oil to blend easier.

Scoop it out and place it in your clean glass mason jar.

Give as a gift or keep it for yourself!

Place on your top shower shelf or at the kitchen sink. (Keep out of the shower spray to prevent rusting the lid.)

Click or tap on the photos to read more tips.


Enjoy making and using your fresh scrub.

Any questions about the recipe email me at growingawildflower{at}Comcast{dot}net

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Products I used=  for Shop Rite Imported Grape Seed Oil  for Salt  for Pure Essential Lavender Oil


Thanks for making & reading,

Wildflower Mom

Bath Oil & Sugar Scrub Recipe


Natural Beauty Evolution Series Part One.

A mother’s day-dream.

Bathing in the rich warm waters of Cleopatra’s bathtub.

Drenching your parched skin to some tender loving care.

Oh, just a dream you can whip up in a lovely glass jar!

I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful of what I use on my skin.

So, I have stopped wasting my time driving and buying expensive at home spa treatments.

Just a little research and a quick trip to my kitchen.

Spa in a jar!

Plus, this one recipe has multi-uses!

For me it’s a facial scrub, body scrub, lip scrub, body oil, oil bath beads and shaving cream all in one little jar!

All you need is a basic recipe and a reusable glass canning jar.

Here is my recipe I love and it’s always changing too!

Remember each ingredient is natural and you can lick your fingers when making it!

I always do. It’s a requirement.

1/4 cup Brown Sugar (add an extra 1/4 cup of brown sugar if you want it thicker )

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup Local Honey ( Try to support your local beekeepers. You will taste the difference and it’s so good.)

1/4 cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil (Scoop or pour out the oil.

a splash of vanilla

Mix all together until well blended.

Pour into your clean canning jar and tighten the lid.

This can be stored in your top shower shelf out of the shower rainfall. To prevent rusting the lid.

Enjoy in a bath or shower.  Rinse the sugar off your skin and shave.

Be gentle on you skin and use your favorite natural soap after your spa treatment.

Your skin will feel soft and comfortable. You won’t need a drop of body lotion.

Rinse the tub out good after use as a precaution from slipping in the shower.

You can design a pretty card in calligraphy and add ribbon for a gift.

More recipes to come.


Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom


My Beauty Evolution Story

One Girl’s Personal Story Of Beauty Evolution From Teens To Motherhood

I have taken quite a super long break from blogging but I am now dusting off my keyboard and can see the letters again. Or life had me a bit busy!

One thing I have found recently that I haven’t paid any attention to was myself. For the past 3 1/2 years of motherhood my little wildflower has been my focus. I have put myself on the back burner and was happy!

Growing up and being an adult I was always a person who didn’t really ever bother with makeup or fashion. It wasn’t an important life lesson or focal point my mother taught me. I am grateful for mom not being like that! But, I did wear makeup only if we were going out to a special event. I did pay attention to all the fashion magazines so I wasn’t in the dark.

But, the most critical turn around point was a college friend. She may not of known it but she had helped me in so many ways! I learned just by hanging out with her.  But, deep down I feel she was planning it all out! She took me out after classes or lunch time to try on clothes just for fun! I never had a girlie girl friend and it was amazing! She took me to the one spot I always feared or just avoided. Not really sure. The department store cosmetics counter! I got skin care and a makeup lesson. I learned about chain stores that only sold beauty supplies and these little adventures with my friend stayed with me forever. I am forever thankful and grateful for what she did. So, I took these tips and this little grasshopper leaped!

Fast forward I met husband and before baby I had a very natural polished look. I even worked up the nerve to become a regular at the hair salon. My college friend would have been proud. I was a regular at my favorite cosmetics counter. Everything she taught me was second nature and I was not afraid to do it on my own.  I was still always comfortable wearing bare skin and walking out the door! That will never change! But, not without SPF on my face and lips. Biggest anti-aging tip I have been doing for years. Everyone is still shocked at how old I am. But, that’s another blog to come.  I than worked in the dental field so did not wear makeup to be  surgical and contamination free. But when the weekend came I donned  a prettier face.

Than the world of motherhood rocked our little world! With a little wildflower in your growing tummy, there’s a lot of Do’s and Don’t! So, I learned that all my food, hair, skin care and makeup had to be stopped or change. So, I went cold turkey on everything! I learned about a dirty little word in the beauty world, parabens. I learned about the harmful damages it can do to a fetus. I learned about tuna fish and eating less of it because of the high levels of mercury. I still to this day do not bother eating tuna. I made a clean sweep of everything I ever loved because of a baby wildflower coming! So, I spent a lot of time researching about healthier safer products and learned to read labels. I learned a new foreign language basically super-duper long science words that are in English. LOL!  Mind blowing. I still use the same standards as if I was still carrying my child. Why would I want to go back and use all those harmful products knowing they were horrible for a growing baby and myself. So, I feel better and safer when I put anything on my skin or in my mouth to eat. Why change and go backward!

So, presently I have treated myself to going to the hair salon and feeling fresh! The salon uses hair products I can happily use too! That was the finally point and time of finding me again. Third time is always a charm! My own mother even said I don’t just look like a mom anymore but now a house wife! That’s amazing coming from my mom. I loved the idea looking like a NJ House Wife but with no makeup on mind you. So, my next step with was to find time to look and feel more polished as a mom. I wanted this new old feeling to stick around a lot longer. I was once again drifting back to what my college friend taught me. Learn as much as you can about the best and healthiest foundation. I searched my butt off on the web and YouTube. Love how tech has changed since last time. Than my friend posted a blog of beauty product loves. Perfect timing or was she hearing my call for help once again, like Wonder Woman. Or maybe she is Wonder Woman since my friend is blessed to be Greek. But, I was headed to the right direction, again.

I was getting ready for a birthday party and did everything! Makeup, hair and I even dared to put that nice smelling stuff you call perfume! I did not believe how I looked! My husband’s reply or reaction was this. Wait for it. Shocked eyes ” Well, hello again! I haven’t seen you in a while.” I knew I had to of done something right! Especially dusting off all the pretty perfume bottles. No joke.

So, I headed to my old favorite beauty change store and mommy got treated to a mini make over. I wasn’t really outdated one bit but maybe on one thing. Of course my “little wildflower” was at my side looking over a bag full of books. She loved mommy’s pretty look! But, I will always teach her that we are beautiful in our own SPF skin.

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom