My first children’s book review of Author Robin Newman

Oh, dear where is the carrot cake?

I don’t know about you but anything dealing with carrot cake is worth reading! It’s my favorite cake even before chocolate cake!

I meet this lovely children’s book author Robin Newman at a book festival with Wildflower at my side. It caught my eye when I saw the words “CARROT CAKE”! I bought the book and Ms. Newman autographed the inside and she even took a cute Kodak Polaroid of Wildflower dressed up in a fuzzy mustache sticker, a Humphrey Bogard hat and a case number mug shot! Very cute.

This book was wonderful to read out loud to Wildflower and is geared for ages 4 to 8 years old. But, I loved it and was laughing at the play on words for us parent readers.

The Illustrator and artist that helped bring the main characters Captain Griswold and Detective Wilcox alive is Deborah Zemke. Very whimsical, lively and colorful pages to capture the world of this book.

Due to the legal mountain of paperwork I can not post any photographs of the inside of this wonderful book. Plus, why give away the mystery of the story!

So take your fork, computer mouse or index finger and tap, tap, tap, and click ,click ,click the links below to hunt down this sweet tooth tale.

I promise you won’t be disappointed in the end because you will also find a yummy recipe to bake together with your child at the end. I loved finding that sweet surprise!


Thanks for reading my first short and sweet kiddie book review,

Wildflower Mom


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Let’s Open A Box Cake For A Golden Barrel, Make, Bake and Review!

CIMG6056I for one do not buy box cake mixes since, I personal feel baking from scratch is so much better in the end!

But! I let this slide for once and for a little kitchen adventure!

I live in Southern New Jersey and I can say I have never eaten Shoofly Pie. So, I would give a pretty good review!

Golden Barrel asked and  offered this chance and I took it! I been wondering for a few decades what it tasted like…..

Here we go!



It was the most easiest box cake I every tried! Boom two products in the box, mix and syrup!

Dump the mix in a bowl and pop in a 1 cup of  softened room temperature butter.

Use a fork or better yet your best kitchen tool, hands to work the butter and mix into crumbs.

When done mixing you will feel like you are playing in fresh sandbox sand. Pretty and fluffy mix. 🙂

Measure out 1 1/2 cups of mix and put it to the side for the end.

Pour in the jar of syrup and 2 cups of boiling water. Using a hand mixer is best and finish off with a spatula to get all the ingredients from the bottom and sides of the bowl blended. One final mix with hand mixer.

Batter will be very thin.

Pour the batter into a greased and floured pan.

Sprinkle the reserved crumb mix on the top!

Bake in a 350 F oven for 45 minutes. Check when done with a toothpick and go around the edges with a butter knife. Let it rest to cool.




This cake is perfect if you are allergic to eggs or nuts.

Took less than five to ten minutes to make and pop in the oven. Pretty easy for anyone who is new or not  great at baking, yet!

The kitchen had a dainty sweet barley sugary scent and I couldn’t wait to try it! I took a piece early while it was still hot and toasty. It had a nice sugary crumb topping, warm, soft buttery cake, gooey, chewy, and just the right touch of sweet. But, not too much.

Even my husband who was born without a sweet tooth gave it a try! Now, he is a person who gags and gets sick at anything with sugar. Even the smell will do him in! So, I asked him to give me his take on this for the review!

Fingers crossed!

He said it really wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be and surprised he could actually eat several bites. He would be able to sit and enjoy dessert time at a family dinner or holiday for once! He suggested serving it with heavy creamy peach ice cream on top. I though heavy crème on top would be lovely but by its self it’s wonderful too!

Now, my review for a box cake mix, I would have been asking the host to give me their recipe for this cake! I would have never known! Truly and honestly!

My Wildflower’s review was very easy and I gave her a bite. I was hoping she would like it. She was so happy and smiled while she slides my plate over closer to herself and stole my cake! Hmmmm….I love cake! I want more! She got so excited after dinner every night jumping up and down asking for more cake! She was pretty sad on the cake’s last day.

I felt a time warp back to my grandmother’s or mother’s kitchen, with me in pigtails with my love one putting down a talk glass of creamy milk and giving me a piece of warm cake from the oven. Sweet memories from a box cake. Enjoy and be happy with cake.

To order log on to and click on Mixes for Golden Barrel Pennsylvania Dutch Old Fashioned Shoofly Cake Mix! You will love it!


Thanks for reading and trying something new,

Wildflower Mom


My First Products Review! :) Golden Barrel Baking Products

This all happened as a happy commenting conversation accident. Equals happy baker blogger and a happy American Down Home Country Company!

I am thrilled to receive my little homework assignments!

I have received a box full of baking goodies, did a photo shoot, taste testing was yummy good and I didn’t even bake yet, review and create!!!!

So, my next blog posts will all be recipes and fun creations using Golden Barrel Products. Stay tuned for the recipes!  Please, enjoy part one first.


A Basket Full of Goodies!


Let the view begin!

Golden Barrel products are shipped and packed neatly.

The product’s containers are solid and strong plastic jars made with the recyclable number 1.

Thumbs up in my book!

The containers are nicely sealed and easy to peel off.


Now, for the best part! The taste test for each product and each smells so yummy good to this home baker and cook!

I was taught for a sweet treat from my mother who was taught from my grandmother. A piece of bread good, spread with molasses was a delight growing up as a child!


Looks good as the molasses drips off the bread and I keep licking my fingers so that’s a sign, I love it! Golden Barrel Black Strap Molasses has a deep, richer, robust, and bold flavor. Like a strong coffee and with a touch of sweetness. After taste is strong. So, very good for savor and sweet recipes.



Golden Barrel Coconut Oil is perfect for cooking, baking and basic skin care too. Natural and nothing added. Perfect for a quick sweep on my lips. Very nice and a bland taste so you can create a great recipe!



Golden Barrel Light Corn Syrup taste test. Wow! Can you say Vanilla! This stuff is awesome right out of the jar! I love the aroma and taste on my tongue!

Think candy making and a piece of candy corn with vanilla and  just add honey! I am in candy corn heaven!!!!!

This one product does contain high fructose corn syrup so if you need a sugar replacement in your diet, it’s perfect for you. I personal am not a fan of the ingredient but that didn’t stop me from taking a second taste!



Golden Barrel Raw Sugar has been on this baker’s bucket list to buy and try! So, thrilled to finally get my hands on some! It a treat to eat an unprocessed sugar cane plant. Amazing and tasted it more than once or twice!



Golden Barrel Dark Brown Sugar is my kitchen baker’s staple to have. I loved this supreme quality of dark brown sugar. Wonderful!


Prices are fabulous and lower than all the major labels on the market. Golden Barrel has great prices, choices, flavors, quality, full of tradition and brings you back to the farmer’s heart land of Lancaster Pennsylvania America. A company that I love just by reading about how they came to be in 1934. Everything I stand for, from what my grandparents taught me on their own retired farm.

Question from one of my readers in Australia. Will they ship to me down under? I called the toll free number and also messaged them on there social media pages. They only do shipping in the USA at this time. But, Golden Barrel is very hopeful that over time they will start to ship around the world.


To get more information and ordering

Call 1-800-327-4406



4960 Horseshoe Pike, Honey Brook, PA 19344



So, follow me for the recipes that I create with this barrel full of baker’s goodies! It’s going to be fun and exciting!

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Thanks for reading and trying something new with me in the kitchen,

Wildflower Mom