Single on Valentine’s Day? What I would do if I were still single!

Yes, I am happily married and a mother. But, even when you are married, my husband and I view it the same way as you!

Oh…Valentine’s Day is coming.

Don’t worry about it, we don’t have to do anything. A nice homemade steak dinner and plenty of I love you.

Yes, we both will end up at lest buying a card or write out a handwritten note to store away for years later.

But, we don’t go over board since it’s hard to be all lovey dovey with our lovely Wildflower.

We just make do and are happy like any other day of the week.

So, what would I do if I was single or was a single mother for a few of my friends out there.

Embrace this day!

Watch my favorite chick flicks.

Watch my favorite action movies!


Do my own manicure at home with my daughter.

Treat myself to a nail salon and try a bold color!

Wear red lipstick.

Home facial mask with my daughter.

Spa facial……

Spa massage and facial…..

Rub your daughter’s feet and she rubs yours!

Make a box mix of brownies and dump your favorite candies on top of the batter!


Buy heart-shaped conversation hearts, makes me feel like I’m in grade school again.

Order your favorite cheesy large pizza!

Make your own pizza in the kitchen with your child!

Movie and pizza night!

Buy a huge giant box of heart chocolate candy and dive in!

Make hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream on top!

Chocolate over kill day!

Why, not!

Call your mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin or friends.

Reconnect on the telephone.

Not social media.

Or visit them!

Make a handmade Valentine for your child. They will treasure it years later.

Make paper hearts together at the kitchen table.

Movie night with your single friends at your place!

Make cupcakes topped with sweet pink frosting and conversation hearts.


Wear red!

Be happy you can do whatever you like on this crazy day.

Read a novel and listen to soft background music.

Treat yourself guys, to a shave and cut at the barber shop.

Treat yourself to a long relaxing bubble or salt bath.

Rock out to playing your drums or guitar with your musician friends.

Call some friends over to watch.

Alien movie night!

Sign up for a painting class or have a canvas painting party at your house.

Think outside the heart-shaped box day!

Embrace on what you have in your life and be happy with each thing.

Live your life out loud!

Sing it loud!

The Lord has really changed my whole look on my Christian Life and Living.

Embrace God the true love of your life and heart.

Pray with Him and read His words to fill your heart with love every morning.

Go with God.

So, be ready this Valentine’s Day and the ones to follow each year. You can say now, VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING!

Have a ball and so will my family and I!

So, read this list and plan ahead since it’s just Monday.


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Thanks for reading and Happy Heart’s Day too you all!

Wildflower Mom

How To Inspire Someone

Just Three Words

A very simple question to ask yourself. What ever got you started blogging? Well, mine was just three inspirational words!

I have always loved to write and express myself in words. Being a mother for the last 3 1/2 years almost 4. Makes you tend to put things on hold. But, slowly you crave and start opening old stored dusty boxes labeled “old hobbies” and “old outlets”.

But, that can change too once you look inside.

I loved sharing since a child. (No relation to social media, a time before all that, try to remember it!) What is it you want, to do when you have your own free time?! A rare time.

A very long-lost friend and it took thirteen years to find out she was my best friend. Through good old social media which I wanted nothing to do with for years! I learned to get over that as you can see here!

I private messaged her since she lives across the big pond. I told her about my love for writing. Her reply was.

“Maybe you should.”

These three little words I repeated out loud to myself. Over and over. It sparked into a bonfire!

I searched for my little blog resident and it took some time. A lot of moving in and moving out on different websites. Fourth time is really a charm! Happy here.

It took me awhile but writing a blog just flowed. I than had to take a six month break to attend real life at home.  Coming back, I took a peek in my paper journal  I kept.

I want to dedicate and thank my friend for those three little words!

Thanks for Inspiring,

Wildflower Mom

Returning From A Blog Break

I was so excited when I launched this whole idea of blogging and came to finding my little home here on the web. I enjoyed writing and sharing my photography. I even launched a blog Facebook page just for fun. I was just starting out. But, life has a way of changing things, right? Only three months in and knew I had to unplug my blog baby. Pack her away and wait.

For six months, I was a nursemaid to my husband after surgery. Plus, taking care of our little wildflower was real life. Important life.

So, during waiting room visits I had brought a journal. The old fashion way, paper and pen. It flowed. I wroteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA/blogged in my journal. Ideas never stopped. But, my return isn’t so easy. I am new and trying all over again. May 2014 was my last blog and October 2014  is “my come back” month. Really a huge gap.

My blog Facebook page went down hill-  lost likes, unfollowed and out of newsfeds. But, I will keep typing and pick up where I left off. I just hope I can reach out again. I am looking to being a little more active on the Facebook page with things I love and interesting finds. But, really it’s all for fun in the end. My little outlet on the web. So in a way it’s like the cycle of a butterfly all over again. I raised a few real butterflies during the break so it just fits here. But, that’s another story.

So, check me out again or take a peek for the first time. You can sign up for emails, like the Facebook page, share, or just read.

Thanks for reading,

Wildflower Mom

A child’s heart & mind

A child’s life without a tablet or app?! Oh, yes you can!!!!!

I am the parent.

I am the adult.

I am the keeper of the my tablet.

I did not grow up with one so why does a child need it.

I am a child I play in the sun.

My skin smells of sunscreen.

My cheeks are pink and rosy from running around. My hair blows in the wind.

My new shoes are wet, muddy, and dirty. I play my afternoons in the back yard or playground. My hands and fingers are covered in dirt but it can all be washed away.

I run, giggle, laugh, play and tag your “it”!

I use my imagination when I play. Can you see my friend Dragon playing tag with me and mommy?

I love book printed on paper. Passed down books from my mommy’s childhood days.

I love to listen to my storyteller mommy. I hear and sing songs. Finger plays from my mommy’s childhood.

I paint with brushes, fingers and hands! I love the feel of paint and paper! I love making messy art and mommy loves to hear me giggle.

I take rides in the car with my baby doll and board books. We sing songs and talk. We play I Spy!

My rewards are beautiful glitter stickers, hugs and kisses.

I do watch TV but we do it together. I learn by watching, being read to, and “someone” taking their time. I learned the old fashion way but I don’t even know it. I know my please, thank you, I am sorry and excuse me.

I love walks around the block at sunset. I love to look at the moon. I love to build forts with my mommy and daddy. I build towers with colorful blocks. But love to knock them all down (my daddy taught me that!) I am not bored but loved.

When I go out to eat, I color at the table or look at a picture book.

I do not need a tablet my friend. I will just push the buttons to turn it off.

I need my family and enjoy being a child. Please do not rush it. You will regret it.

Turn off your smart phones at the park or where ever you take me. I want all of you. You can not take back these special moments together.

Run and play we me. Tag your “IT”!

Enjoy life unplugged for a little while or even longer.